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The Outback - A Dream Come True Part 6 (Conclusion)

Thursday 14th June:

Had breakfast and the trek to find Burkes grave and the Dig Tree. History is wonderful and when we looked around this area and to think back to those early days when they trekked around Australia it must have been extremely hard especially the heat let alone all the insects and lack of water etc. For those who do not know this history I strongly suggest you get a book out about these fellows it’s very interesting. The Dig Tree has a sculpture calved out in the tree trunk and next to all this the whole history of this camp 65 and where all the trouble of loss of lives etc happened.

The Dig Tree

We went back to camp had lunch then off to Wills grave but this whole river bed is full of history and each camp place has its story


Friday 15th June:
Innamincka, a day of rest for all, I think the travelling has got to us a bit so Nathan, Dennis
Time to relax
and Maryleen decided to go and get some more fire wood for the night and also to do some more sight seeing around this area. Me, I sat put, placed my chair by the river and knitted and watched the bird life. This place has the most amazing bird life, I had my book of birds and every now and then would have to look up to see what sort of bird that flew by. It was so lovely just sitting there and doing nothing, it also gave my body some time to recuperate from all the bouncing of roads that I have been on for the last couple of weeks.

Some Bird Life



Saturday 16th June:
We left at about 9h15am going through the Bore track down to Ballards Lagoon which is private property charging $10 to use their roads. This track is through part of the StrzeleckiDesert. Thank goodness for the directions which Dennis got of the net, it was a life saver in the beginning.The desert is red sand and most places very sandy the photo is of the rains that had fallen a couple of weeks back covering the roads hence us having to drive around the edges to get to the other side.
The desert is another place and very hard to describe the feeling driving through, peaceful and yet it can be very treacherous especially if you get bogged in and you have told nobody of your travel plans.
                                        'Roos'                                                             'Dingo'

We were going to stay at Cameron’s Corner stopped there and decided to carry onto Tibooburra arriving there dusk and tired and Motel rooms were the answer. We also went to dinner at the Tibooburra Hotel which served up a wonderful dinner. It was just wonderful sleeping in a bed again.
Cameron's Corner


Sunday 17th June:
We drove straight through to Broken Hill arriving at 13h15 first stopping for lunch at Burger King for lunch set up camp Weather cold and windy and not pleasant.

Monday 18th June:
It is bitterly cold this morning the wind is blowing and not pleasant at all thank goodness for the field kitchen but we spoilt ourselves and had Maco’s for breko. That coffee was just wonderful and the warmth of the restaurant wonderful.
It was off to Silverton which is known as a ghost town to show Maryleen and Nathan walked around there.

This gentleman that does the coin carvery looks after injured animals it’s too cute to see. He also makes the most beautiful jewellery

It was then back to Broken Hill ton have a look at 3 Argent Street where

 my (Kathleen's) Great Grandmother lived and mother was born. 

Maryleen decided to sit on the park bench

and watch the sunset

Tuesday19th June:

Packed up camp and on the road homeward bound. Stopping at Mildura for Petrol and Lunch. Stopping at Birchip 3h30 for afternoon tea, too cold to carry on camping so home it was and arriving after 7pm

Maryleen and Nathan safely home

Dennis and Kathleen’s dream complete!

Until next time.......................Share Happiness

Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Outback - A Dream Comes True Part 5

Tuesday 11th June: 

Finally “D Day” has arrived the challenge of a life time to drive up BIG RED! 

So the excitement began with us up early breakfast and the tea bag ready with hot water in flasks and so it was the journey to the beginning of Dingo and Dozer’s dream to conquer the great red sandy mount in the Simpson Desert. We arrived at the bottom of little red and unbeknown to us we thought it was the big one and thank goodness to a kind couple who told us big red is further on so we do give them thanks for that!

But before heading into the desert the ceremony began with Nathan and Dennis hoisting the desert flag, what a moment this was and I’m sure a lump in throats. And so the poles were placed into their holders and many photos and videos were taken.
Dozer                                                 Dingo
Before entering into the desert there are rules which everyone must adhere to for safety reasons such as using the desert flag and the reason for this is when going up a dune nobody can see you from the other side so the flag is an indicator to the opposite side it shows first before the car appears. The other is to make sure you have enough supplies in the car such as food and water in case you get bogged in and cannot get out and one of the main ones is to respect the desert with its flora and fauna. Wild camels, dingos and snakes let alone spiders and all types of reptiles so one needs to be first aid wise too and many info boards are very formative if certain things bite you and what aid is required. Channel 10 is also used in the desert to inform on coming traffic of danger etc.

So now all is good in Dozer and Dingo and off we are to challenge Big Red. So First it was Dozer up little red, then Dingo which I found not too bad. We drove around the other side to find 3 other vehicles there about to attempt this red mount. Out the cars and chatting and looking tosee which is the best way up. And so the other cars went and one failed to get to top so it was decided Dingo needed to take the step. I’m petrified by the way, the engine getting up steam to attempt the big red which to me had a huge smile on it’s face saying “come on try me baby I’m waiting” So here I am with my eyes shut and the camera on video holding it up sort of in line with the from window and off we were like a rocket it felt to me, bounced this way and that until finally we reached the summit feeling like we flew over leaving all 4 wheels in the air landing and everyone shouting “you did it!” I’m afraid my English language somehow came short when we landed I think I forgot it and used some other language called, now what was it? So now it was Dozers turn and up he went it was a joyous time for every one chatting and telling of their experience. 

Now next to this track we had just come up was an even steeper one which had a track which someone tried to attempt and failed and this tickled Nathan’s fancy so this itch to try the steep one was just too much for him and down the Big Red and engines revving and up ¾ and slide down and this happened about 4 times and Big red had won on that steep track. 

Nathan and Maryleen decided to go to Poeppel Corner to sleep in the desert but we decided to remain in Birdsville for the night. So we decided to travel about 20’s into the desert to Eyre Creek and have lunch there and return to camp. This we did said our good-byes and returned.

That evening the Birdsville camp had a get together for dinner costing $15 each of soup and damper and curie and rice with entertainment which was a singer and 2 children playing the violin. It was a wonderful evening sitting around the camp fire and chatting to everyone. The Birdsville garage is owned by a South African strange to come all this way from South Africa to hear Afrikaans spoken. We walked back to camp to find Maryleen and Nathan there they tracked back to camp due to having car trouble that is the shock absorber on the left side had come off and pieces and this was quite some trip into the desert too. They were convoyed in once again God looking after His children. 

Wednesday 12th June: Did some washing Nathan repaired his car and guess what? It’s back to big red to conquer the hard part. This time we drove around the back of it getting up to the top but my wind was blowing and the dune had changed its shape over night and before our eyes the shape of the dune was taking place.
So it was down the front of the dune and the sports began with Nathan attempting the hard side and He made it and what joy it was seeing the delight on his face. So quite a few attempts which were done then with us doing the main track up got up and left the Big Red with accomplishment of conquering the Big Red.

We decided on packing up camp and leaving early the next day for Innamincka

Thursday 13th June: Leaving Birdsville at 8h18 but first to the garage that Nathan wanted to go to purchase a something so we dualy followed him and waiting in the car Maryleen and Nathan approached us and with a serious speech handed me a sticker award of me approaching Big Red with my well spoken English that at times I try to hide which just shows you it’s never ever missed by ones children, what a laugh I had and this sticker now sits beautifully in my cabinet. 
So onto the Botoota Road taking the turn off at about 116k’s in and going on the Cordillo Downs rd to Innamincka. Passing the Moonda Lake, stopping at Cadelga Outstation another heritage building.
Jeff's Walk
We stopped in the middle of know where to have lunch. Travelling along this road we found a pedestrian with a back pack solar panel for charging his batteries etc. We stopped and spoke to him and this man is walking from the Port Augusta gulf to the top of Australia for raising funds for the deaf and blink. 
We arrived at Innamincka in the late afternoon tied and the effort to find a place to put up camp was just so hard. To understand this place is along the banks of the Cooper Creek one can camp and certain place one is charged $15 a night but the one at Town common has a honesty box and costs $5 a night there is no difference to this one or the others sites. We set up camp and once again very chilly and the wind blowing which was not pleasant so a decision was made to have dinner at the hotel and that was just so good, food wonderful and it was warm.
Our Camp
Now the camp sites do not have showers so one has to go into the wee town to the ablution block pay your $2 for a 4 minute shower. Water is very precious in this area so wastage is a big no no!!!

Innamincka was another reason for Dennis’ dream to come true and this all started out with him reading Burkeand Wills and the expedition they did and how they died so Dennis wanted to visit the Dig tree and their graves. So along this whole place is of history and it’s amazing how many people no little about. Their trek started out in Melbourne, their bodies were actually exhumed and buried in Melbourne.

Crossing Coopers Creek

End of Part 5........... Do something that scares you.

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