Monday, 28 July 2014

Perth via Darwin Part 3

25th July Day 7

 Leaving Alice Springs after breakfast and a hunt for the caravan keys only to find them hung up in their place, should we be worried. Anyway we off to Wycliff well Caravan park the capital of UFO’s. invasions. Taking heaps of photos of murals painted eveywhere But let me not get ahead of myself.
 On our journey towards there we stopped off at the Tropic of Capricorn and took photos . It’s also a free over night camp site and was interesting seeing various campers in their setups. Back on the road and find it most intrigueing with the speed limit. Some places it has signs go as fast as  you wish and other signs are 130k’s and the funny thing is everybody behaves themselves on the road. There are road signs such as buckle up and distances between to next town as well as Darwin.
 We arrived at Airlaron a Aboriginal town with most interesting sculptures presenting that area. One can see quite a distance off of the warrior on the hill protecting his village and below the woman and child with lizard. Leaving there our next stop was Ti Tree where we had our morning cuppa and a walk around. On the sign of the garage was “The most central pub in Australia”. Back in the car and our next stop was our night stay at Wycliff Well Caravan Park. Got our caravan parked had lunch then decided to visit “Devils Marbles” 28 k’s from here.

 On arriving there was a sight to behold. It’s amazing how boulders can balance upon each other the way they do. Here too is a overnight  campers site with a honesty box. We were amazed at how many people were there for the night all well set up with all their wonderful modern day camping quipment. This brought back a thought to our ancestors and how they must have struggled in this dreadful heat and without all the wonderful emenities we have today. I sulute them and give thanks for all their hard work in those days. We drove around looking and taking photos of thes magnificient rock formation of granite. This site is an Aboriginal site where it’s  known for their dreams and secrets also a sacred place for them. Each place we go to here the wonderful stories of the past and present is so evident and truly inspirational too. One cannot compare the modern lifestyle to the outback it has a beauty all of its own. We left this place with a heart of gratitude and back to the camp to enjoy a restful afternoon and a good clean up of the caravan and car.
We explored our park and ended up at the cafĂ© where a wee joey  is being looked after and was able to hold it. What delight on my part they are such precious things. We ate out tonight at the caravans restaurant buy one meal and get the other free, love those bargains. Back to the caravan to catch up on our travels of the day feeling very content. Oh yes the bird life here is amazing and it would be Pauls heaven . We even had a visitor of cattle evading the camp site, only in the outback.

26th July Day 8
We all like our lizards alive and not fried…. A fire hazard warning on the road. It’s a new day and back on the road to Banka Banka leaving at 9am and its 14.3c. Our fist stop was at Tenants creek and did the tourist bit first going to a mining site at Battery Hill. We decided not to go into the mine and carry on site seeing around the town , We went up to a look out which looked out over the wee town.
Here we had a cuppa and took some photos of our surroundings. On our way out of the wee town was a recreation centre called Marys Lake. Very pretty and indeed a good place for the locals to enjoy their day off. It was here where I found the Sturt Pea plant which is the SA national flower.

Travelling on towards Banka Banka an Australian Government camping site, we passed many road trains and some of them towing 4 trailers and was quite something to overtake, one has to wait for a straight run and then go. On arriving at Banka Banka we were met with the manager and his wife who guided us to our place where to park. There is no electricity but divine tasting fresh water which we truly enjoyed. We set up camp and Dennis decided to wash down the awning and the side of the caravan. It was just lovely sitting outside and watching the business of all the campers around.  After afternoon tea we decided to walk up the hill to a tourist attraction on top where one can look around a vast area of the NTand looking down below to the campers all doing their own thing.
 The walk up the hill was quite rocky and reaching the top to a distant direction marker of various places as the crow flies. The stillness was wonderful and it was only our presence up there. We then decided to take a walk to the water hole which according to the marker was 1.6K’s. So off we trundled finding that rock climbing and manuvering to miss certain plants and sharp edges of rocks and at times quite daunting. We managed to cross over dry rocky river beds and a up climb and then down and eventually came to a sign saying we have to walk another 1.1k, it had felt like we already had walked the 1 k, so it was here we decided to turn back and not chance it as it was already 4pm.
The journey back was another story but we made it and got down to camp safely and thoroughly enjoyed to outing to the rocky terrain. We had  dinner then went and sat around a fire and had live entertainment along with a visit from a calf which seemed to enjoy the music as much as everyone else. It caused quite a stir with everyone taking photos of the wee creature.
Bed time it was and felt quite at peace with the world. One can feel the weather pattern changing and the temperatures starting to sore to the mid 30’s

27th July day 9

 Dennis up early to watch the sunrise and I went for a shower. On my way back to the caravan one by one the lights came on in each caravan and time to pack up have breakfast and leave the sight. We all keep our caravans hitched to the car so it’s a case of packing the loose stuff and hitting the road Jack.

It was a lovely stay at Banka Banka a very homely stay and a recommend to anyone who is passing through to make their stop there for the night. And so it’s back on the road stopping for a cuppa at a memorial site for a telegrapher who was famous for the final link up. Back on the road and our next stop is Daly Waters pub which is known for the first outback aerodrome built for post and communication with the outside world.

 We had supper here and had the desire for some junk food “hamburger” Oh it was truly yummy but now we going to have to watch the diet for the next couple of days. Heeeeeee! The bird life here is amazing with raptures not sure which ones but they sure are on a hunt for food with the noise from other birds all wanting a bit of the kill on the other side of the camp. Interesting, all for their own bit in life including humans.

Until next time ...........................Dance in the rain

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Perth via Darwin - Part 2

22nd July Day 4

A  day to remember, It’s our daughter Chareen's birthday and our Grandson’s Timothy’s  21st birthday. Phoned Chareen this morning and Timothy unfortunately had gone back to bed so unable to wish him.
We had quite a restful sleep and this time the alarm clock set right BUT yes I am about the tell you a secret. Dennis went to shower at 5.30 and did not switch the alarm clocks off yes there are 2 of them for just in case???? Phone alarm and clock alarm so with the result is while he was in the shower the alarms went off and I’m pretty sure it set the whole camp off. I’m sure by the end of the trip he would be able to get it right.
We had breakfast and packed up and hit the road at 8.06 AM and the temp was 9.2 C. The terrain consisted of mining dumps as far as the eye could see. We decided to do our next CD Which was the beginning of Mark.

SA/NT Border
Our next stop was Marla where we filled up with diesel and had a cuppa and strawberries muffins and cream. This station has a bank, a post office, police station, super market and a restaurant. During our drive to the border I read the next 2 chapters of “4 Blood moons” from Pastor John Haggee. Very interesting, a definite must read. We finally arrived at the South Australia and Northern Territory border.
Here one can spend the night  without charge. One of the most strangest signs yet to see is on entering NT the sign says Maximum Speed limit in the NT is 110 about 100 meters down from that sign is the speed limit is 130K’s.  One can now feel the climate change and temperatures rising to 28 C when we arrived at Erldunda  Staying at Deserts Oaks resort. It’s very dry here but most pleasant to. I did some washing and hung it out to dry on our minie clothes line. Dennis had to go and buy pegs as he left them at home not thinking we would need them on the trip. Saved by the shop but at quite an expense $10.50 for 5 pegs. Umm bit of a worry this is. Anyway all is well in the Juniper caravan the air con is on and  been served a cuppa tea which I enjoyed with a Trim Healthy cake and cream. What a way to still loose weight.

23rd July  Day 5

Today is Isaac’s birthday turning 7. We speak with them via skype tonight and it was a great joyous time for me talking to all my chicks.

Today we left Desert Oaks but first having breakfast at the at the Tavern of bacon and eggs on toast with a cuppachino. They had a display of echedina and a Frilled lizard, I took a photo photos of them. We left Erldunda with tummies full and began reading the 4 blood moons to chapter 7.
The road to Alice
We are thoroughly enjoying this book. It was a most pleasant drive with the terrain varying from flat dry shrubbery to hills on entering the Alice Springs area. Many road trains passed us and caravaners busy holidaying and sight seeing historic sites along the way.
We booked into the Wintersun caravan park a delightful place with trees hovering over the caravans giving them the much needed shade. People busying themselves erecting their vans and some doing washing and
Replacing the Anderson plug
hanging it up the place giving a restful atmosphere. We set up camp and off to the town to look around and to purchase some goods for the caravan and to replace the Andersons switch for the caravn at Jaycar. Dennis had to replace ours as it came unstuck along the way and got damaged by the road.  We also did some exploring and went up to ANZAC Hill and took photos. This hill overlooks the whole of Alice Springs and it’s surrounding hills giving it a homely appearance. Dennis brought me back to the camp and he returned to give out some catalogs to some customers.

 Came back and fixed the switch and by this time it was time for dinner and a chat with the family.  Oh yes we also went to the information centre to find out more about this town. 
Untila the early 1930’s the town’s offical name was Stuart. Alice Springs was the name given originally to the waterhole at the site of the repeater station for the Overland Telegraph Line. However,this dual naming created such confusion for administration in Adelalide that on the 31 August 1933 the township of Stuart was officially gazetted Alice Springs. This information was taken from Australian Tourist publications booklet handed out in the information centre.
After dinner we spend most evenings catching up with our touring journel and looking at photos taken during the day. We retire fairly early due to the tiredness and contentment of the days journey and besides the camp shuts down to a quitenes to tranquility.

24th July Day6

 Up fairly early, showered, breakfast and of cause the washing of clothes. All done and off to sight see outside Alice springs.
Simsons Gap

First stop was Simsons Gap, a 10 minute walk to the spot which was absolutely breath taking with the rock formation surrounding the area was magnificient. It amazes me to see how trees can bulge out the side of a rock formation and dig it’s roots securely there and yet blossom into this magnificient tree. We returned to the car and had a cuppa and THM brownie cake with chocolate cream cheese.

We left there and our next stop was to Ellery’s cree Big hole. One can camp here and it still amuses me to find honesty boxes around. Please take envelope and place your camp fees in and place in box. The abultion blocks is emaculately kept for being out in the outback. It was a short walk to the water hole and once again we stood in awe at the beauty of our surroundings. Dennis took some beautiful photos of the water reflections. One can swim here but warning signs were around saying of the strong currents and rocky base of water. On touching the water it was quite pleasant. Here too the rock formation is just wonderful. The picnic area was lovely and it’s here we had our lunch and a cuppa.

The Kilometers to here was 88k’s. We decided to head back to Alice Springs and visist the Telegraphic heritage site which coast $9 entry fees. We thoroughly enjoyed our stroll around the heritage buildings reading information of the past and how life was here in the early 1850+. We had a cuppa here and enjoyed the slight breeze blowing. I can’t imagine the heat here in summer especially what the pioneers endured no air conditioner.

Until next time .................Spend some time alone
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