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Our 2005 Trip tp Perth Part 2

Sunday 4/9

We woke to a freezing morning, the car windows covered in ice.
This is where you change your watches once again and put it backwards 2 hours, huge time change. To get one’s brain around this is another story.So it’s breakfast and on the road for this wonderful travel through the Nullarbor.We stopped for tea and ice cream at Madura and then again at Caiguna for petrol and now the long stretch.

There is a stretch here where it is one long straight road which is 90 miles (146.6k’s) One has to be very alert travelling on these roads, a constant watch out for camels kangaroo’s wombats and emus. It’s funny though while travelling you see this road going on and on and then all of a sudden your brain registers a curve in the road. Dennis and I had quite a good laugh at this.

Arriving in Norseman at 2 pm, at first we were going to sleep here but decided to carry on to Kalgoorlie and give us a rest for 3 sleeps there. Thank goodness we did this as travelling each day continuous takes it out of one. But we first sat and had tea at the park near an information centre. The lady there was so helpful and asked us if we had just crossed the Nullarbor. We said yes, and she gave us a certificate for it. I’m going to frame this one. I also bought a horse statue miniature one. The story goes like this. Norseman is a gold mining town and gateway to the Nullarbor. Legend has it that a guy who was a prospector name Laurie Sinclair tethered his horse to a tree overnight and this being in the 1890’s and in the morning the horse had unearthed a piece of gold bearing a quartz by pawing the ground.
Back on the road next stop Kalgoorlie arriving there at 5pm, feeling exhausted and just wanting to put our feet up and rest. We booked into the Towers Hotel. We had an apartment which was across the road from the actual hotel. It was a one bedroom on suit with lounge kitchen and dinning room, very modern place and most comfortable. It was Kentucky for tea and lights out very early.

Monday 5/9

Good sleep up and shower time. Dennis went onto the PC to check for his mail and so did I, which I sent some mail to family. Then it was breakfast. Temp today was 26 deg C so summer clothes it was. Mark arrives late this afternoon so Dennis and I decided to go and do a bit of sight seeing. Kalgoorlie has an amazing history to it. A wee bit of information and history of this place is:

Kalgoorlie is Australia’s largest outback city. The population is about 30,000. It has the most amazing heritage buildings with a grand town hall pubs and restaurants.

Kalgoorlie-boulder glory began in 1893 when 3 Irishmen, Paddy Hannan, Daniel Shea and Tom Flanagan stumbled across 100 ounces of alluvial nuggets. Hannan registered a reward claim which started the world’s last great gold rush.

Thousands of men arrived here living in shacks which were made of Hessian canvas. One thing was they were not prepared for the harsh living conditions , inadequate food and scarcity of water and minimal medical supplies Thousands died from drinking contaminated water starvation and it was a time when water was more precious than gold!

Water shortages were solved in 1903 thanks to an engineer C.Y. O’Connor. The construction of a world first 563km water pipeline from Mundaring Weir in Perth to Kalgoorlie was constructed. The sad part of this O’Connor shot himself just months before the first drops of water flowed reason for this is the stress and widespread criticism of this project he could not handle.

The golden mile.
In the early 1900’s mine shafts and full scale underground mines was established. Eventually this mushroomed into an area which became know as the Golden Mile. 

The Golden Mile is now a massive Super Pit It is Australia’s largest open cut gold mine which today is one of the important gold and nickel mining areas in Australia

We visited a few of these places of interest which you will see in the photos below. One is of the Super pit and the other is Charlotte Reservoir and lookout. This is the site of the terminus of water which is piped 563km from Perth to the goldfields. This pipe line when travelling to Perth can be seen along side the road and there is a water trail which one can go on.

Tuesday 6/9
Having breakfast in the apartment, Dennis and Mark went to set up for the seminar. I walked around the town and sort of just relaxed and enjoyed the day catching up on the washing so we had clean clothes for the rest of the trip a most enjoyable day. Tea was just yummy and bed time it was.

Wednesday 7/9
Leaving for our last leg of the journey to Perth, Mark traveled with us.
The sun shinning and one very beautiful day for travelling as well as being refreshed from our 3 day stop here in Kalgoorlie.
Country side beautiful with lots of places of interest but unable to stop for sight seeing due to us having a time schedule to stick to. The Speed limits 110k per hour. Towing it changes which we soon found out by being stopped by a very friendly cop. Thank goodness. We have to travel at 100k’s because of us towing a trailer. Much to Dennis disgust but we obeyed the law and did just that!

We Stopped at Tannin for lunch a huge farming supply store and restaurant, a very homely and friendly place. There was a photo of the largest road train truck with 48 trailers hooked to it which traveled 12 k’s an hour and it drove for 8 k. We arrived at Acacia Hotel in Perth at 5 PM tired but enjoyed the trip. Dinner it was and bed early.

Thursday 8/9

It was down to breakfast, Dennis and Mark to set up for the seminar. And guess what!
I’m going sight seeing. The weather not that marvelous outside windy and looks like rain. I left about 10 and decided to walk into the city which was not that far. There is a bus service which rides around the city stopping off at different places of interest. The walk was most pleasant. First going into the city walking over the horseshoe bridge where the train and bus station is. The first place of interest was London court a beautiful street looking like the 18th century (it was built in 1937 for a wealthy gold miner and financier) as you can see 

from the photos. I then walked around the city ending up at one of the old Churches which today is know as the Uniting Church.  I then caught the free bus service which took me down to the pier where one catches the tourist ferry and also to the Swan bells. The history of the bells is intriguing. The Swan Bells include the twelve bells of St Martin-in-the-Fields which are recorded as being in existence from before the 14th Century. In the 16th century, 1715 and 1770 the bells were recast. They are one of the few sets of royal bells and are the only ones known to have left England. By this time the weather had turned nasty and it was back to the hotel Down to dinner and an early night... 

Wednesday 9/9

We got up early, down to breakfast and then Den and myself off to town to show him the free bus Service, London Court and Swan bells etc. We walked around the city and back to the hotel. Den off to see customers and then take Mike to the Airport to fly back to Adelaide. The weather is not that good today very windy and raining on and off. It was good just relaxing at the hotel and waiting for Dennis to come back.

Dennis has arrived and has decided to take a trip down to Fremantle to see what it’s all about. Beautiful place Perth is with the water surrounding it. We arrived down at Queenscliff Market most interesting to see the goods and whare people have to sell. Then the trip back to the hotel, early dinner and lights out early. I almost forgot to tell you about our trip into the town, you all know Den has a nav man well the dear lady directed us correctly but the only thing is she does not know of the road works and we ended up going through a bus station (no cars allowed) rather embarrassing and of cause Dennis has that great cackle.

Saturday 10/9


Up early and saying good-bye to Perth and a good time we had here.

We drove through Meckering Earth Quake site stopped for Petrol at Southern Cross then drove to Coolgardie for lunch and by this time had done 560K’s We drove to Norseman where we stayed the night at the Motel there. Very pleasant evening in the Dinning room a good home cooked meal. Yummy. / Bed early and very tired.

Sunday 11/9

Left Norseman at 6h30 Stopped for tea at Bellgonia then drove to Caiguna put petrol in at $1.70 per litre Shocking, bought ice creams then drove to Madura for lunch very pretty look out post over the terrain. Drove on to Eucla where we stayed the night .This is about 10k’s from the border between Western Australia and Southern Australia, a place of interest. We drove around with our 4x4 and of cause Dennis had to take me sand dooning we ended up at the Eucla ruins which is the Telegraph Station which opened in 1877 and helped link WA with the rest of Australia and the world, sending 11,000 messages annually. The first message sent to Perth was on the 8th December 1877. It also has the Travellers cross and a beautiful lookout to sea. Went for dinner and bed it was, a good day of travel.

Another 1989k’s to Melbourne

Monday 12/9

Overcast and cold, it’s now 6h45.

We stopped at the side of the road for tea and then drove to Ceduna where we had the most yummy hamburger, A real home made burger. The meaning of Ceduna which is a derivative of the Aboriginal word ‘Chedoona” meaning resting place” is also known for it’s Oyster farming. Put petrol in here and back on the road passing Wirrulla- town with a secret!, did not stop to find out the secret. We are now going into Granite country. We stopped at Kumba to sleep a quaint town. We drove around and stopped at the grocery store and outside the store was a truck loading off the groceries and all the people from the town were there to get the new stock cute to watch. Being in the outback like that one has to rely on the deliveries of food to survive. We take this fro granted, “just go to the super market and get” not that easy out there.

Tuesday 13/9

Out last stretch to Adelaide where we are staying the night there and also dropping off the trailer and instruments. Back on the road passing Nutt bush Retreat Then Iron Knob which is an early development of BHP (now One Steel) and the birth of the Australian steel industry it was here in 1894 that the first iron ore deposit was discovered. Drove to Port Augusta for breakfast, met some bikies there who had been on the road travelling for the past week none stop. I think the worst of the travel here is being with out com’s and yet it was good for Dennis too not having work phone him.
Back on the road and now to Adelaide passing some interesting places taking photos of the canola fields and lakes.

We arrived in Adelaide, staying at the Majestic Hotel near Rundle Mall.

Dennis had to go to work so he dropped me off at the Christian book shop where I stayed there almost 2 hours. One can browse there beautiful and restful place.

He picked me up and back to the hotel had tea then went to the Mall bought a few things then back to hotel. Dinner time it was and off to our favorite restaurant for Dinner then bed it was.

Wednesday 14/9 

Derek’s birthday today and it’s our last stretch of road for home.

We left Adelaide and just on the outskirts of the city we discovered the note book of mine missing the one with the notes of this trip and it was a 3 time stop to search for the jolly thing eventually finding it in the consol, Whew!

We had breakfast at our usual stop by the Murry River then it was off to Bordertown, the home of the white kangaroo’s where we put in petrol

At 2 pm we stopped at Ararat for lunch and finally the last stretch to 24 Langridge our Home sweet Home.

Next post will be the start of our new adventure

Until next time ...................................Complement someone

Part 1

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Our 2005 Trip to Perth Part 1

With four weekends left before we depart I thought I would post Kathleen's account of out trip to Perth back in 2005

Yip, we are on the road again and this time the trip is to Perth.

Some information on and as to why this trip. Dennis did seminars along the way, towing a trailer with some of the instruments he shows to customers etc. The first leg of the trip was to get to Adelaide to pick up a trailer at one of his distributors and some instruments from there.

We left Melbourne at 6am on the main highway to Adelaide stopping for our usual breakfast of bacon and eggs at a restaurant outside Ballarat which is 90k’s from our home. Bellies full, off to the next stop Horsham for a cuppa which we carry in the car. The car needing fuel at Bordertown, this is where the white kangaroo’s live. Photo’s below. Beautiful creatures they are so graceful.

Once again these bodies of ours need refuelling with food and this we did about 90k’s outside Adelaide called Tailem Bend by the Murry River. Sit in the restaurant and look out over the river, most peaceful, lunch was hamburgers and ginger beer and orange juice... We arrived at Hotel Meriden in Adelaide at 3h30pm there is a time change of a half hour. Dennis left me at the Hotel, he went to Jeff to fetch instruments and trailer for the seminar in the hotel tomorrow.


Down to breakfast and Dennis got ready for the seminar with Mark helping etc. I went to a shop called the Warehouse to get the necessaries for the trip. We also had dinner (tea) in room. The weather here in Adelaide tonight the wind travelling at a 100k’s a hour, TV announcement to stay in doors due to wind, rain and lightening.

When all this started was rather a sight to see with a black cloud coming over and the tree’s bent to almost ground, a bit frightening to watch. It was bed early to as we needed a early start on the road for the next seminar which is held in Port Augusta


Awake at 5h30, its Jane’s birthday today (our grand-daughter) turning a beautiful 10 years. She is having a birthday party which she is sharing with her best friend whose birthday is a day or so earlier.

On the road about 7am, this is the first leg of the trip to Perth. Dennis’ next seminar is here in Port Augusta which is about a 31/2 hour trip. Driving along the high way of Adelaide we pasted a Salt mine amazing to see.
Arrived at Port Augusta at 10h30 had morning tea at a shell garage.

The Seminar was held at the Arid Botanical Gardens. Mark arrived just as we did to help off load the instruments and set up for their do.

GOSH! What a mission doing this the moths and the flies, it was shocking. I have always heard of the Australian salute, I learnt how to do it very quickly, quite funny actually but not when you try to talk. This part of the world was plagued by moths as well. Being South African the signs on the roads etc is for the big 5 or cattle etc but down below is this sign, so people if you travelling here watch out!

When walking in this part of the world one needs the protective clothing and shoes, there are signs everywhere to be careful and also the correct treatment for snake bites etc. It’s not only snakes it’s also spiders which are very poisonous. This is the start of the arid country side going up to Perth it has a beauty all of its own.

Dennis then took me to the hotel where I rested up and of cause did a bit of sight seeing while Dennis went back to the gardens to do the seminar which was until 7pm. The Hotel is on the river port beautiful lookout from hotel.
We went out for dinner which was yummy. Came back to hotel and bed it was. It’s amazing how tired one gets doing this, but I must say it’s most enjoyable. Tomorrow we leave for Whyalla.

1/9  (3½ months to Christmas everyone.)

We left pretty early for Whyalla. It’s not far from Port Augusta. Arrived at Westlands Motel where the seminar is to be held. Whyalla is a mining village. Iron ore. The Beauty of this place is one of a kind where the steelworks and mining operations (now owned by One Steel). This is where the blast furnace is (to produce pig-iron for the foundry market)   the chimneys push out red smoke, hence all the areas surrounding this place is covered with this redness. The roof tops the walls the streets.  
These photo’s are taken from Hummock Hill. In 1986 Queen Elizabeth visited this area. Apparently she has visited this place 3 times. Hummock Hill, as it was originally known, developed from 1901 as a departure port for iron which was discovered at the nearby inland town of Iron Knob.

Oh dear, we have a puncture. So it’s off to Beaurepaires to have it fixed, found a 2 inch nail in tyre. Thank goodness this did not happen on the Nullarbor stretch.

It’s Dinner time and early to bed.

Friday 2/9

It’s back on the road again and this time leaving at 8h45 after a yummy breakfast. We travelled on the Lincoln highway which is the coastal road. The reason for this is we have 3 days in which to get to our next destination Kalgoorlie. So we decided to go this way and see some of this beautiful country.

On leaving Wyalla we passed a sign said “leave headlights on” So on they were , it was only later that we realized the reason for this. As this part of the world is arid and one cannot see the on coming cars and this was easy for us to identify what was ahead. 

We passed a town called Cowell town of fresh Oysters. This part of the world is the home of sea farming the oysters.

We stopped and had a cuppa at Elliston which I had made for travelling. The walls here are covered in murals which you can see from the photos below. It was good to get out the car and stretch the dear old young bones; I think you know what I mean here.
We stopped at a place called Coffin Bay (named after some pioneers whose surname was coffin). The lunch was a tortilla with smoked chicken Swiss cheese and cranberry sauce most delicious

We arrived at Streaky Bay at 4h40 a quaint seaside village, hotel very homely. It’s been a very long trip and very tired. It was dinner and early lights out. It’s village of Oyster farming 

Saturday 3/9

Up early and down to a continental breakfast and very friendly people who work in the hotel, having had a wonderful time in the lounge with everyone chatting to each other. Packed the car and decided to sight see here and have a wee squiz at the Oyster farms which are in the sea. We also went to the Bauer look out walked around there.
We left Streaky bay and today were rather an exciting day. We are going to see the whales in their natural habitat. But first it was to travel to Yalata Community. This part of the world is the aboriginal country. We had lunch here and at the same time a tourist bus was here. Everybody joking with one another and it was just such a blessing to see everybody happy and enjoying themselves. There is a wee museum here which we had a quick look at.
The best Photo that was taken here is the road sign of the “Beware of the Camel, Kangaroo and Wombat” took photos of this. Dennis just loved this sign and was so excited about this as he was going to see camel in the wild. Heeeeee!

We are now entering the Nullarbor plains. This by most Auzzies seems to be a dreaded thing to do. Somehow we were expecting a desert with sand dunes etc but to our amazement it was arid yes but the flora was amazing. We stopped off at the border between South Australia and Western Australia. This is a quarantine check One is not allowed to carry fresh produce nuts untreated wool honey soil plants seeds etc. It’s a huge fine if it’s found on you. So rather declare what you have or dump it.

We slept here at the Border Village. We took some photos and went into the traveller’s chapel and wrote in the visitor’s book. Dennis put petrol in car $1.58 shocking I would say. We had dinner and it was bed early for us, it’s very tiring travelling like this so it’s lights out and sleep.

Until next time........................Think big thoughts
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