Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Awning Sides

We decided that that we should get sides for the awning so that when we stayed for more than one night we had a protected outside area for family and friends to gather, so did research via the internet and chose to go with Alpine Annexes, their price is reasonable and customer service excellent. They have an extensive range of design options and colors to choose from. As it is custom measured and made to suit the van they have an onsite fit & measure service, are on time, professional, very friendly and answer all ones questions giving one peace of mind. Not having to take the van to their premises (as required by most) is very convenient indeed.

Curved Rafter
The walls are attached with an easy to use Anti-Flap Kit. This method of attachment provides a secure and robust fit. The Anti-Flap Kit can also be used without setting up walls to brace the awning and protect it from damaging winds.We added a Curved Rafters for extra support to the awning, each wall is conveniently made separately so you have maximum versatility when setting them up as you can use the walls independently. As it is all custom designed one can add features that suit your specific needs such as extra doors and windows, window protectors, mesh door, dividing walls etc. If you are thinking of adding too or altering your annex it will be well worth your time to visit Alpine Annexes web page.

We collected the walls, anti-flap kit and curved rafter, were given a full hands-on demo of how to fit it so we tested it and found it easy to set up, fits very well indeed and we are happy with the end result. It will be put to the test when we are away for Cup Weekend.

I found this App on FB called Camping Around Australia for less than $5.00 The description says:

Choose from over 3000 rigorously researched camping areas. Browse campsites near you – perfect for when you’re on the road looking for your next stop. Or browse using a map view – ideal when you already know what area you’re travelling to, but not the site you want to pitch your tent or park your caravan at. Plus search by location, facilities or keywords. Whether you want to find dog-friendly campsites in your favourite national park, or the perfect beach camp with fishing opportunities nearby, Camping Around Australia will deliver. 

For every campsite listed you'll find:
• descriptions of the camping area
• facilities available
• nearby activities
• contact details
• information on how to book a campsite and get permits if required
• access information, maps and directions on how to get to the campsite.
• add your own photos and comments to all campsites, so other users can see    what the site really looks like and what you thought of your stay
• add sites to your list of favourites and plan your next trip

It seems to work OK but will put it to the test on on Cup Weekend to see how accurate it is when we go to Horsham where we will camp/caravan. We will also visit the 'Big Desert' one of the days and generally have a fun time with most of the grandchildren - more on that later. 

Until next time..................... Need what you want.

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