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The Outback - A Dream Comes True Part 3

Monday 3rd June: Packed up leaving at 6h15 and having decided breakfast on the road would be the answer of weetbix and cornflakes and other varieties.

But as I said in the beginning, how God looks after us when we pray for His protection. His angels were on assignment when on the road travelling towards Ayres Rock with many Wedgetailed Eagels that were on the side of roads some sitting on fences others 
eating prey. A red car overtook us and in front of Nathan decided to stop on the highway and have a look at these beautiful birds and hence Nathan stopping too. But Dennis travelling the speed limit of 110k’s took his eye off the road a split second to see a bird looking up to see the cars in front stationary in the middle of the road, swerving to the right going on 2 wheels then back down and shooting forward in front of Nathan and thank goodness the red car decided to pull off. Quite shaken in the car and adrenaline pumping litres out we were safe with quite a few white faces all around So the moral of the story is to keep eyes focused on the road and not to stand stationary on the highway so it was a lesson learnt by all. 

We traveled on to Mt Ebenezer having pie and chips for lunch and a most welcomed cup of tea. 
We left there driving onto Yulara where Ayers Rock is other name for it is Uluru, arriving at the camping ground at 3pm... Beautiful camping grounds set up camp and decided to go and watch the sun set on Ayers Rock.
What a breath taking sight to see. People stood amazed clicking camera’s were heard and yet the sound of silence too, just watching the colour change on the rock while the sun was setting. Dennis and I took the road around the rock looking at it from different angles it’s a spectacular sight and would advise for those out there to take the time to go and see this magnificent rock. 
Arriving back at camp site had chicken for dinner. Bed time was most welcome.

Tuesday 4th June: Up at about 7h30 had mince and egg for breko’s did a load of washing costing $6 then to post Derek the photo’s for our web page which. We had a cappuccino  and tea then posted some cards and for the first time saw a Sturt's Desert Pea in bloom which is the national flower for South Australia.
Sturt's Desert Pea

What a beautiful flower and to think it grows wild here. From here we went to Kata Tjuta means many heads (The Olga) this rock is about 50k’s from Ayers Rock we walked the Walpa gorge, means windy, got the old bones into gear and what a walk but worth the agony of sore muscles and stopping for breath to take the beauty of God’s creation.
From here we had the highlight of the day I went for a camel ride, this has been my dream. Beautiful creatures with eyelashes a woman dreams of. Dennis also went for his ride. Onto the cultural centre and watched the Aborigines’ painting and working at their art. We got back to camp feeling just wonderful of a time spent together enjoying the outback here. We went to the reception centre to go on the PC to check our web page which Derek and Raylene put together for us came back to camp and Maryleen cooked chicken. We packed up camp as much as we could for an early start the next day.

Wednesday 5th June  
Kathleen at Kathleen Springs

On our way to Kings Canyon driving on the Lasseter Highway leaving at 7h37. Once again stopping for breakfast on the road of cereal and coffee. Just before the Canyon we stopped and took a photo of Kathleen Springs we did not go into it far a walk.

 Arriving at Kings Canyon Another beautiful area of mountains which we walked up the centre of the gorge there was another walk up the side of the mountain and one needs to be very fit to do this which Nathan and Dennis walked up to the top and it was very, very windy and not pleasant they walked down the same way the object of this walk is to walk around and over the gorge and back down the other side.
We had lunch a Kings Canyon finding the price very expensive but when you need to eat you need to eat. The road to this canyon and beyond is shocking corrugated sand roads and very tiring and sore on the back and bones.
Here is another time God’s angels on assignment were at work. Nathan finding the road better on the right side of the sand road and thought that he would see the dust of another car coming and he would move over, but this was not so and suddenly there was a car in front of him swerving to the left also going on 2 wheels then back and forwards and finally coming to a standstill with a tyre coming off its rim so we spent the next hour changing tyres. But we made it to Glen Helen Camp site after a long travel and feeling very tired and having to put up tent in the dark is not a pleasant feeling when travelling all day. Saw Dingo’s on the camp site prowling around for food. It was extremely cold here and thank goodness for the camp lounge with a huge fire going in the fire place this is where we parked for the evening before retiring to bed.

Thursday 6th June  My was it cold this morning having toast for breakfast and hot coffee to warm the hands and body and I must say it was a wonderful feeling getting into the car and turning the heater on to warm the tootsies and finger tips. The first thing was to put air in the tyres as we were going onto sealed roads and that we are looking forward to as the travel from Yulara  to here was shocking. With the sun rising and clouds in the sky’s gave the most amazing colours which Maryleen and me taking photos of the country side beautiful too as the mountain ridges sort of followed us around the road also stopping at Ellery Creek the Big Hole.
Our journey to AliceSprings most pleasant arriving at about 11h30am and it was a dive to Red Rooster and Maco's for lunch, the drivers content as their body fuel has been replenished now off to find the Caravan park we looked up on the net only to find it was not to our liking so eventually found a good one called "G'Day Mate" booked in there and set up camp
Then we went our different ways Den and I to see Todd Mall and walked through there ending up at Kmart to buy another light for our tent and got other things which we needed. Back to park had dinner then it was up to the Anzac heights to look over Alice Springs at night time, a spectacular sight and photos were taken and in the midst of this coldness ice cream was eaten

End of Part 3.............................. Say something good

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