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The Outback - A Dream Comes True Part 4

Friday  7th June: 

Once again up early showered packed up camp and now by this time our expertise at breaking down camp was much quicker than the first time. Guess what? We went for breakfast at Maco’s, gosh it was good! Filled petrol tanks and hit the road stopping off at Emily Gap with some Rock paintings which was called 3 Caterpillars also stopped at Trephina Gorge
Stopped to take a photograph of a rock with a motor bike attached to it a memorial of a man who died on his Harley at the age of 44. Tea time it was stopping at Ross River bed and of cause once again sandy roads. Leaving this place and once again the 4x4 was in use with its sandy rocky roads taking the Arltunga Rd to the Historical sites of the gold mining world.

Most interesting place to walk through, with machinery dating back to the first miners use, then we had the opportunity to pan for gold.Leaving there at about 12h45, passing the old homestead of Ambalindum station towards the plenty Highway. Stopped in the middle of nowhere for lunch.
This track was quite something almost a grade 5 in places much to the men’s delight with loads of laughter watching my face in certain places.  It took us nearly all day to drive about 50k’s that is how bad the road was but the men enjoyed it but then arriving on the
highway again and to find a place to bed was another story passing the Harts Range Police station next to Atitjere which is a Aborigines station and driving about 20k’s down knowing something was wrong reading the map again and tracking back to the police station and seeing a lady walking in the paddocks with her dog stopping and asking her for the camp site which she directed us to arriving their in the dark and a not so nice feeling being the only ones there and suddenly we saw a
 light in the distance and another camper arrived and about a hour later another which put our stress at ease. Sleeping was still a bit stressful listening to the dingo’s howling at times but in the end it was good getting up the next morning and the coals of the fire still alight which Nathan managed to start up again with some small twigs and once again warmth was there and a good feeling while eating our breakfast of bacon and eggs it was rather windy too

Saturday 8th June: 

Leaving for the border between NT and Queensland to the cattle station Tobermorey. We drove to Jervoiswhere we put in petrol drove on stopping for lunch on the side of the road. We arrived at Tobermorey station and what friendly people this ranch is 25million hector with 25,000 head of cattle on it and were in the process of herding cattle in with a helicopter. It’s a beautiful farm with an electricity generator which switches off at 10pm and restarts at 5h30am. We awoke to the farm busy with life helicopter starting up generator starting and dogs running to greet us and the beauty of sunrise and once again the fire was rekindled sitting on our chairs watching the business of farm life come alive. We took some beautiful shots of sunset too there.

Sunday 9th June: Up early once again and on the road at about 7h40 AM ,photo below is Nathan helping us take down our tent removing the wrong pegs and hence the tent collapsing, what a laugh!!!!!!!!

Driving on the Donohue highway to Boulia, a town with a population of about 600. The camp grounds were quite full, also very friendly we set up camp then went for a bite to eat at the local museum with interesting history to the town of a man who saw a bright light (Min Min light) and tried to follow it into the country and to this day this story has been passed down and apparently it does happen so who knows. The camp washing machine was put to use and managed to get most of it dry.

Monday 10th June: An early start on the road to Birdsville, stopping at different places for photo’s and at 9h46 at a road sign and were stopped by the police from Bedourie,
Police officer Mark Michigan asking if we were travelling into the desert and taking our drivers licence no etc and also breathalyser for records just in case we get lost in the desert and at least there is a record of us driving through and can send a rescue search out for us in case someone says we are missing.

We stopped at Bedourie for the bathrooms and bought an ice-cream which was just so yummy and of cause good for the figure, did you know it helps loose weight? Anyway I’m sticking to that story!
We arrived at Birdsville at about 11h45 set up camp with gazebo once again the flies were just so rude sitting on us and trying to get to our tea while drinking it let alone sitting on our backs trying to sun tan without permission. The person who designed the hat net I will kiss him next time and say THANK YOU! We sorted of just did the touristy thing ending up at the internet café left there back to camp and got ready for our night out on the town. Birdsville Hotel which is a must for any tourist to go to the Hotel is a heritage listed building with such history and warmth were all the locals gather and visitors. This night was a BBQ $25 and eats as much as you like it was such a lovely atmosphere and a most enjoyable evening

A little information about bread in the outback it is shipped in all over and frozen then taken out each day for sale so now Birdsville is the only Bakery in the outback and makes fresh bread daily, what lovely bread.
The information centre is very informative and one signs in there stating when you leave there and where too so this is also a way of keeping track on people especially if lost they can at least track you down.
The museum which we did not walk through but from the outside is very interesting.

Now the fascinating part to this place is the water supply. It is pumped out from a bore many meters down and comes out at almost boiling point and this can be seen on entering Birdsville from Bedourie. It goes through quite a few cooling systems before entering into household use. One can hose down your car right next to this pump station where the steam enters the air and can be used to clean your cars after a hard day in the desert

The bird life is amazing and for those who find it hard to believe that budgies fly around free here in huge flocks let alone the parrots and many, many other species of birds which our hand book given to us by Chareen and Paul came in handy many times.

End of Part 4.....................Feel good about yourself

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