Sunday, 13 July 2014

Six Days to Go

It's hard to believe that next week this time we will be on the road nearing the end of our second day's drive of our 'new adventure' which is a 13,000 Km road trip to Perth via Darwin in 93 days! We have spent many months preparing with the aid of Memory Map which will also track our journey and provide statistics such as distance traveled, max speed, average speed, time moving, time stopped, etc. and Camps app on my iPad to find the best places to night stop, the caravan is serviced and stocked, our trusty Terracan serviced, we just need to load the 4 x 4 freezer which is chock a block with home made frozen meals and meat.

We purchased a Fotya 2.5 kg mini washing machine for $50.00 (R.R.P. $129.00 plus freight) delivered which was on a 66% discount special, as a wash takes about 20 minutes we intend to do the 'socks, jocks & shirts' every second day which means we will only have to do a big wash once a week. Tested it with a load works great all done in 20 minutes.

Below is a map of our proposed rout and does not include side trips

After much research I have decided to fill the tires with Nitrogen, it seems that there could be a slight advantage especially as we are travelling such a long distance as the tire pressures will remain more constant, saving a small amount in fuel and tire-maintenance costs. At $50.00 for all six figured it was worth the trial.

Spent the morning packing all the tools and spares and finding a place for everything, worked out well but from experience I know there will be changes as we find out what needs to be easily and quickly got to. Also got the Lansky 5 stone sharpening system out and put a good cutting edge on my pocket knife and sorted the emergency back pack out so all we need to do is pack the perishables into the caravan on Friday hook up and then after our traditional breakfast at the big M we will be on our way.

Until next time ....................... Forget the bad.

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