Saturday, 16 November 2013

Our second trip ....

Our second trip was end September 2001 to the Gold Coast as I had to attend the  Metrology Society of Australia conference. We set out early Saturday morning stopped for breakfast on the Hume highway, continuing on I expected to see a sign indicating the turnoff to Brisbane, no such luck and after some two hours decided we had miss it so stopped at the Chiltern turn off and had a look at the map.
We did not have a GPS back then and having only been in AUS for a few months it seemed that the best way was through Chiltern , Urana and on to Gilgandra our intended night stop. Little did we realize that we would be taking narrow country roads, but it was very interesting passing through small tows and seeing the old historic buildings. It had been quite a drive (over 1,000 Km) so after dinner it was early to bed. The next morning we left at 6 AM and on our way to Bellbowrie Brisbane to spend the night with my cousin, to get there we had to cross a river on a ferry which cost $2.20. We spent a wonderful time with my cousin and her hubby chatting and catching up with family news.
The next morning it was up early and to the airport to meet Jack a colleague from the USA, then to the Grand Mecure Hotel on the Gold Coast, our room was on the 12th floor overlooking Broadbeach, a fantastic view of the golden beach, clear bright blue sea, cloudless sky - fantastic! While Jack and I attended the conference for four days Kathleen was able to explore and thoroughly enjoyed herself visiting Surfers Paradise, taking the mono-rail etc.

The next day 5th October we were once again on the road early in the morning on the first leg of our journey home, we decided to take the coastal road as far as Newcastle then head for Dubbo and home. As usual there were road works and we were often on long gravel detours, some going slightly inland, it was no real problem and we saw the most amazing bird life. We saw a field of White Cockatoos (Sulphur-crested Cockatoo - Cacatua galerita), that was just breath taking, also a lot of Grey Cockatiels (subfamily Nymphicinae) and Major Mitchell's Cockatoos (Lophochroa leadbeateri). After some 981 Km we reached Dunedoo where we spent the night in a very nice motel, next morning back on the road, breakfast at Dubbo then 931 Km later we arrived safe and sound at home. A most enjoyable trip having traveled 3,566 Km.

I was going to do some serious trip planning this week but due to various factors(one being work) have not been able to, but I was looking at the map and thought that for a change we should take a different route to Port Augusta. We have been to Adelaide at least 3 times a year since our first trip in 2001, stoppes at every town along the way, spent a weekend at Nhill  and Horsham, spent a night at Tailem Bend  and Murray Bridge, had lunch at many truck stops and been to Port Augusta more than once, so we may just go via Mildura this trip, it's only 42 Km further but could take a little longer due to the 'back' roads, this is not a problem as we should have the time.

1040 KM                                                                                      1082 Km

Until next time ................. Enjoy the little things in life

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