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The Outback - A Dream Comes True Part 1

This adventure took place in 2007, our then Terracan  4x4 was stock standard (due for replacement in August that year)and we were as 'green' as when it came to 4WD in AUS., we had no equipment at all but had great fun kitting out, most has survived and is still used today when we go out. We did not have Camps (a comprehensive travel guide to the best free camping and low cost camping spots, rest areas, station stays, national and state parks, country and remote caravan parks throughout Australia.) or Memory Map (navigation software which is easy to use on a PC, Pocket PC or WM Smartphone. With a GPS connected it will show your position on a full colour detailed map and help you navigate your way) back then so all planning was done using maps and the internet. Kathleen kept a diary and on our return she wrote the story, which with her kind permission is going to appear in chapters over the next few weeks - enjoy.


Dingo’s dream started about 3 years ago after reading the book on Burke and Wills’ life (BURKE'S SOLDIER By Alan Attwood) which is part of the history of Australia so the desire to visit the outback began with travelling around the outback with his 4x4 and his mate Kangrookath. Well, after many maps and searching the web for different places to visit and placing it all together on his PC along came the date for June 2007.

The saving part we will leave out of it but the list for things to take with became extremely long
realizing that most of the things were a necessity like the porta potty which of cause was a laugh by all even the wee house to surround the cutie was tested and all was all right in that area. So in the shopping trolley was a tent with extra poles which had to be purchased the porta potty and 4x4 mattress, sleeping bags and thermal blanket so the sleeping place was sorted then the brain triggered off with the tummy and what was needed for the trip in the cooking utensils

 and car fridge etc. and not knowing the exact places and what was there we had to have all especially been told by the various places when travelling the outback to have at least 10 days of food and water just in case you get bogged in. Chairs were necessary and table for gas cookers and the most important was lighting. Whew! What an expense to lay out but all was fun with the shopping trolley.

Our daughter Maryleen and her hubby Nathan decided to do the trip with us so it was a togetherness of decisions and planning which worked out wonderfully.

With Dennis having to go up to Adelaide the last week of May for work we decided to leave on the 27th May staying in Adelaide until the 29th then leaving early the 30th May for a trip of a life time and memories that are just indescribable.

6am on Sunday morning the 27th May The house was bursting at the seams with life and excitement Maryleen and Nathan arrived then Derek came over with his camera and took shots of us by our cars all packed and ready for Adelaide the excitement was just so over whelming and Prayers were said for safe journeys right throughout this trip and believe you me God’s hand was on us throughout this trip as you will later find out how prayers get answered.

Maryleen and Nathan travelling behind the Dingo
We stopped about a hour into the trip for breakfast at our favourite eating place just outside Ballarat leaving there with tummies full and ready for our trip to half way mark of Border Town where we had a cuppa and walk to get the bones moving etc. Leaving there and then stopping at Coolepyn truck stop for lunch. Back on the road and next stop was Adelaide. It was Maryleen's first trip to Adelaide with the 2 days of showing her different places there and then doing the last bit of shopping for the trip at the supermarket of fresh meat and different food stuffs which was needed. 

Back to the apartment where we were staying in Adelaide sorting out the meats into meals and placing them into the freezer which Nathan had. We had the fridge in our car so it all worked out just right with the food stuffs. We packed up the night before with most of our luggage and it was a case of putting the clothes etc into car and leaving. Which we did on the Wednesday morning all excited about the trip but stopping off at Maco’s for our favourite egg and bacon mac muffin yummmmmmmmy. Then it was off to a garage to fill the tanks.

We finally on our way to the outback!
30th May 2007

Our first stop was Hawker it is well known for their art work, the Muriel’s are just amazing on walls and it was wonderful to find out that the shops with the art stuffs were all Christians also selling different biblical goods etc it was such a warm feeling just walking around, this is also where we put petrol in. It was good just walking around there.

Our next stop was to the Wilpena Pound only to find out one has to take a flight to actually see the pond so we gave that one a miss. So the decision was made to drive through the Flinders ranges and what breath taking sights it was so beautiful that the photo’s that we did take do not do it justice.

Wilpena Pound
Driving through river beds and seeing the different rock formation and how it changes from different colour sand stones to quartz’s. We also had a good laugh having communications between cars and Maryleen chatting away on her hand held radio saying she needs to go to the toilet but of cause in more direct language and all was quite when suddenly a man came onto air saying “that’s nice to know” well that brought the house down he was even so kind as to direct us over the air to get to the toilets. I think one could just have a holiday in the Flinders Ranges without going anywhere else. 

Flinders Rangers
Leaving the ranges we travelled through Leigh Creek then decided to travel on to Farina where we set up camp at dusk and made a camp fire. It was quite chilly there for our first night in the outback and did creatures great and small make themselves known.

The wine glass
This wee box Dennis made for me as a surprise gift to open when we arrived at our first camp. It had a lock and key which I had to use to open it and in so doing I pulled out my wine glass, it was broken! This wee box was made as a preventative measure from glasses breaking so when Dennis saw the breakage his expression on his face was priceless!  So with Dennis and Nathan’s expertise in repairing it with duct tape, the glass remained like that till the end of the trip. 

The art of repairing the stem of a wine glass

End of Part 1 ...........................Turn your dreams into reality

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