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Crossing The Simpson Desert - Part 1

After months of preparation the day of our departure had finally arrived. :hyper::hyper::hyper:

Day 1 (8 Aug 2009)

Up early to pack the last few things then to the big "M" at Hogans Corner, Hoppers Crossing to meet with the others for our traditional breakfast before leaving on a 4 x 4 adventure. At 6:12 AM we left for our 14 day journey that would prove to be challenging yet rewarding and the most memorable. My notes read - 'left pillow at home' - at least I discovered this before we reached Adelaide so was able to purchase one there.

The 'Magnificent Seven'
Our first night stop was Port Wakefield some 800 Km, the first casualty was my 7" display screen mounted on the dashboard which I used to display Memory Maps to track and folow our route, packing up just outside Horsham.  :(  Problem was solved by adjusting the rear-view mirror so I could see my PC screen, I became quite proficient in reading the maps in the mirror image.

We reached Port Wakefield around 5:30 PM after a brief stop in Adelaide to purchase fruit and vegetables which cannot be brought across the Victoria boarder.

Day 2 (9 Aug.)

We were up and on the road by sunrise as we had another long day of driving to our next night stop.

We stopped at Hawker to refuel then on to Wilpena Pound and the Flinders Ranges, sad to see them so dry but still a spectacular drive and our first taste of sand.

We left the ranges through Blinman then on to Leigh Creek (our night stop) arriving at 5:30 PM after some 540 KM.

Day 3 (10 Aug)

Early departure and made a brief stop at Farina (63 Km) now a ghost town, it was settled in 1878, in its heyday it had two hotels, an underground bakery, a bank two breweries, a general store, an Anglican Church, five blacksmiths, a school and a brothel. The post office closed in the 1960's  and the railway line closed in the 1980's.

We left at 8:46 AM then it was on to Marree and then Birdsville Track

along the way we found a place to "play"

Then we were on our way to Mungerannie hotel for lunch and Joff was able to replace the tyre he had "shredded" on the track when he did not realize that he had a puncture!  :blush: We continued up the track to Tipipilla Creek camp site arriving at 6 PM after some 461 Km.

Day 4 (11 Aug.)

Sun Rise

We departed for the last 182 Km to Birdsville at 9 AM arriving before lunch. After setting up camp and doing the washing it was off to Big Red for some fun and did we have some fun! We all got up the West side left track which is the most difficult and it was late when we finally called it a day and returned to camp. Big Red is the largest and most famous dune in the Simpson, it is 40 meters high.  Posted Image

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Until next time ............................ Remember life is an adventure, enjoy it.

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