Saturday, 10 May 2014

Trip Planning Part 3

The time for us to depart on our trip has been brought forward as we received exciting news that our 14th grand child will be arriving at the end of September and we need to be back home at least two weeks before then. It is fast approaching, with only 70 days remaining before we bid our nest farewell, activate the Memory Map and depart with our trusty Terracan and Snowy Caravan. By moving our departure date from 1st August to 19th July we have in effect gained four days as the first is a Friday, this will allow us to spend at least two full days in Broken Hill on our return. The reason for the strange deviation from the normal route is that we will be able to do some research on the family tree. Why there you may well ask? The reason is that Kathleen’s mum was born there, the house she lived in until she was 11 years old still stands and is someone’s home today, so what better place to do research? We have visited Broken Hill twice before for a few days so have seen most of the sites, this time our visit will be dedicated to research, should be interesting.

Using Memory Map and the Camps App on my iPad to find where to night stop I have spent the last week or so checking out the caravan parks and made bookings as far as the Pinnacleswhich is some 200 Km from Perth. I also found a great free App for things to do and see in WA, it has directions and distance from your current position as well as photos of the location, it’s like having an information center on your iPad, one has the choice of downloading a file so when you do not have internet connection you can still do research. As we are driving Kathleen will be able to enter to next town and we can decide what we wish to visit. It would be great if the other states had the same App, it sure would make life easier.

We have decided to visit Marble Bar a town in the Pilbara region of north-western Western Australia. It is well known for its extremely hot weather, and is reported to be the hottest town in Australia. The town set a world temperature record for the most consecutive days of 37.8 °C or above, during a period of 160 days from 31 October 1923 to 7 April 1924.During December and January, temperatures in excess of 45 °C are common, as we will be there in August it will not be too hot, should be about 30°C

Until next time ............................. Give what you can

Trip Planning

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