Saturday, 31 May 2014

Trip Planning Part 4

Only seven weeks left, that's forty nine days until we join the 'white liners'! Where has all the time disappeared too? With the time to depart approaching we removed the 'bash plates' last weekend from the Terracan (with the welcome help of Derek) to check all is well and perform a service, basically only need an oil change and filter but will replace the air filter as well. Just as well that she who must be obeyed is so observant, a few weeks ago she had noticed that there was a small damp patch under the front when she parked the Terracan after shopping. We found that the radiator had a slow leak, so it was back to Campbellfield Radiator Service who repaired it under warranty, so now that problem is sorted out.

As yet we have not made bookings for the last part of our journey and are considering just stopping when we feel like it. Night stops will then be near Margaret River, Albany, Esperance, Wave Rock, Norseman, Balladonia, Mundrabilla, Border Village, Ceduna, Port Agusta and arriving at Broken Hill on the 16th September, where we will spend three nights. this will allow for two full days to do research on Kathleen's family tree. It will then be an easy two days to do the last 840 Km arriving home on the 20th.

We will be crossing the Nullarbor Plain for the second time, it is the world’s largest limestone karst landscape with an area of 270,000 square km, between Norseman and Ceduna a distance of some 2,000Km, and is the home of Australia's longest straight road 146.6 Km that's 90 miles! It's second only to Highway 10 in Saudi Arabia from Haradh to the border which is 162 miles.

 The name Nullarbor means "no trees" but the plane is covered with drought-resistant hardy shrubs. The Head of the Bight a 15 Km long section near the Nullarbor Plain is the place to see the Southern Right whales who gather there en masse to give birth to their calves between June and October, with some luck we will see then close to the shore again.

Well that's the plan at the moment.

Until next time...................Remember opportunities are endless.

Trip Planning

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