Friday, 20 February 2015

Perth via Darwin Part 10

It has been some time since my last post of our road trip I hope to complete in about two months.

Day 34 August 21st 

Getting up early was quite a chore, the stillness of the camp and the sun has not come up yet which we are quite use to but the changing of time Zones and going further down towards Perth in WA changes the whole rising of the sun and the setting of the sun and of cause the chill factor that is in the air one needs that wee jacket to tide the chill until the sun is at its full warmth.
We left Marble Bar at about 7:30 AM happily travelling to our next destination being at peace and then all peace was disrupted when we hit the Coogan Gorge going around hairpin bends and climbing when a road train came around one and decided that his side of the road was not good enough and used ours. We ended up on the sand and let me tell you that I am very happy that there was a sandy patch for us to divert our car and caravan otherwise I think we would have looked like pancakes mangled up under this massive engine and it’s 4 trailers! The way he came around the bend he could do nothing but steer his front with the 4 trailers sort of gearing towards us just missing our caravan by a  hair's breadth. It sure was a wakeup call for Dennis and I am pretty sure the driver of the road train. “ASWERED PRAYER” We pray every day for our safe journeys and the cover of His precious blood over my family friends and cars etc. So I give God all the Glory for our safe journeys.
We listened to the book of Corinthians to chapter 12. We stopped at a resting area for lunch feeling refreshed and back on the road stopping for fuel was in Port Headland where we also stocked up on fresh produce. An interesting port where on entering the town was massive salt pans, one could see the salt shooting off the conveyer belt. We went to see the port and wondered around there and took some lovely photos of the place. Back on the road to Dampier, heading towards Karratha and then a further 27k’s to Dampier. Arriving at our destination feeling rather tired.

 Dampier has lots to see and one of the main attraction is the “Red Dog Memorial” a true story and a movie that is made from it. We decided not to unhitch and just rest our weary bodies.

We did take a trundle down to the sea front and admire the ocean and islands from shore but the beauty of this coast line was when darkness fell and the lights lit up of the port and all the ships in bay making it look like stars in the night shinning so brightly and all busy with life on board and on port.  After dinner the camp fell silent and lights slowly one by one went out all tired from their travels and I’m sure a much needed shut eye 
including Dennis and I.

Day 35 August 22nd . 

After a good night’s rest we left our humble abode in Dampier on a quest to seek the Red Dog memorial. Trying to follow the map which is not quite correct and having to stops and ask some road workers and only to find out if we had turned right and not left we would have seen the
beautiful monument of Red Dog. We took photos and after seeing the movie quite some time ago it was actually an honour to actually come to a memorial of a dog who served well in his life time. A beautiful story and worth going to see the movie “RED DOG”. We also took heaps of photos of the look out over Dampier bay with cargo ships being loaded with iron ore and salt. One could also see the stock pile area for the salt and this is where they load up the salt onto ships. It’s a very pretty bay with swimming, fishing and boating. We left the wee town and off to drop off a catalogue at one of the wholesalers then trundled around Karratha and filled up with diesel then left the town to go to Nanutarra Roadhouse this is where we night stop.

Arriving here about 1 PM set up camp and had our wraps which I made this morning. We then caught up with our washing and ironing and Dennis changed the air filter of the car and checked the general maintenance of the car such as oil and 
water. We are hoping for an early start tomorrow morning. It has been a pleasant day enjoying the scenery as we drove with mountains changing in shape all the time which kept us amused. The highlight of the day was between two mountains there was a bright red cloud of dust between the mountains giving the sky the magnificent red colour but I'm sure not for those who are working there with that dreadful red dust. But for the tourist it was a beautiful sight to see. The sand in the area is crimson red and rich in minerals.
In the evening after all our chores we decided to treat us to a roadhouse dinner which was just lovely. We sat in the shop watching the workers coming in from the mines and roads sitting down to a wholesome dinner prepared for them by the shop their accommodation is behind this shop too and very well kept. It’s been a long day but and enjoyable one.
It’s hard to believe we have just completed our 5th week of travelling around the outback and venturing out into the unknown for us and learning a lot about this beautiful land of ours we now call home. We are so blessed with the beauty of this country the freedom we have here and we give thanks to our Lord and Saviour for His blessings.

Day 36 August 23rd .  

Sun Rise

Exmouth is our destination. We left Nanutarra Roadhouse at 7.20 AM with the morning rather crisp in freshness. Dennis first had to put in fuel and a few photos taken. Gosh the red sand is everywhere even our feet; it just gets into every crevices grrrrrrrrr! It’s been very strange as we have had no communication with the outside world, no TV, no cell phone on both our phones, and no Computer. So I thought while this was happening to take a photo of our life in the OUTBACK.
Now that you know our secret when no communication is at hand, so let me carry on with our life here amongst the red sands of the outback. It’s a life that no one can explain you have to experience it yourself. It’s a hard life but at the same time a life of peace and tranquillity, of beauty that only you will know when you have walked amongst the people who live in this area and serve the public travelling through. The stillness of the night is beyond comprehension when you gaze up at the stars and the heavens are full of them, stars that you never see in the city, the brightness of the moon glows the whole earth full and the wonders of wonders one stands in awe. We must admit truthfully that we love this sort of life of peacefulness and being free. I guess I had better get on with the story otherwise you will never know what we have been up too here is the land of OZ.
We arrived in Exmouth with trying to figure out where on earth is our caravan park only to find out it’s on the west side of the Ningaloo Coast which is about 30 k’s from the town of Exmouth. It’s a beautiful coastline and a paradise for those who are interested in surfing. Once again it’s amongst sand and a palm tree with the bird life is in abundance and sure knows how to serenade one first thing in the morning. 

A good alarm clock when one has to leave at the crack of dawn. We set up  camp and drove back into town to buy a toaster for the gas burner and the reason for this isthat the campsite’s generator cannot handle the demand of all the campers so on arrival we weregiven instructions that no air con, no electric kettle, no electric frying pan and no hair dryers etc.  Rather a bother but once again one has to cope in various environments. On our way in we drove past 13 Radio masts (Towers) which cover the area of 400 hectares, which is 1000 acres) Tower 0 in the centre is 389 metres high. This is higher than the Empire State Building, Eiffel Tower and the Sydney Tower. These masts belong to the military and are used for submarine communications.

We stopped at the Vlamingh Lighthouse which served as a radar post in WWII with evidence of the original sand bags still in place and around this view point which looks over a vast stretch of shore giving the soldiers full view of the shores. This place has an amazing history from this era. Standing watching the sea we were able to see whales in the distance springing out the water and some blowing. We left this viewpoint going down a long stretch of road to the main entrance turning into the stretch of road which runs along the coast line. 

We popped in and out of coastal entrances walking on beaches and gathering shells back in the car and eventually getting to an outlet where there were very high sand dunes which we climbed giving every muscle in our lower extremities a work out, groaning much better until we reached the summit of them only to look over more of them.

Beautiful clean sand with beach flora sprouting all over, up the sides and around the base of the dune. We returned to camp and had a bite to eat and early bed. Another wonderful day comes to a close.

Day 37 August 24th .

On the road again, leaving Yardie Caravan Park at 7.30  and first stop to put Diesel in the car. 

Felling quite refreshed and also listening to the book of Galatians. We did a detour into Coral Bay, a beautiful bay for family holiday makers. Marine life at its best, we had a cuppa here and paddled in the ocean.  The sea here is the most beautiful shades of blue with white waves in the distant crashing down. It was a well worth detour on our journey towards Carnarvon.

Arriving at Carnarvon and setting up camp then into town and bought some fresh produce. We then drove down HMS Sydney Memorial Avenue. A road displaying memorial plaques of the men who lost their lives in WWII on this battleship.

We then went to One Mile Jetty and had a ride on their train across it. A most enjoyable experience. Came back and relaxed at camp base.

Day 38 August 25th .

Our next place of destination is Sharks bay. We will be spending 3 nights here. Our journey down was enjoyable. Because of our journeys stopping on a one nightly stay we decided that when we arrive here we will set up camp and rest. We also caught up with washing and going to the shops and just messing around. The best part is being with the door facing the ocean and what a life. I baked a cake and did a roast for dinner which was most enjoyable.

We sat outside for a sundowner watching the sun go down but the wonderful surprise was coming outside to a glass of wine and a wee chiffon bag with a beautiful necklace with a pearl. Greatly blessed. We enjoyed our dinner and it was bed early.

Day 39 August 26th .

Sharks Bay – Denham.  Early rise as we had to be at Monkey Mia by 7:45 AM for the dolphin feed 
which is about a 30Km drive.  We arrived at the park’s entrance and greeted by the parks board asking for a fee of $6 to enter. It was a beautiful morning with the sun rising in the east glowing over the ocean and there were many spectators wanting to watch the dolphins come near shore for a feed.

There were two rangers in the water giving us instructions walking up and down the waters in front of us explaining the Dolphins habitat and habits a interesting listen. We watched the dolphins gliding into shallow water and they were watching the rangers very carefully as we were all standing
in the waters ankle deep. Eventually the 5 female dolphins were ready to come in and showing off too and when this happened we had to step out the water and there were 5 feeders ready to feed each one and each one of the dolphins knew where to go and waited for their food. Very intelligent creatures and it was such an honour to be there and watch these creatures even though they live in the wild were quite well trained to do what they do.

When this was over we went and had a cuppa tea at the resort then waited for the Pearl farm tour which was at 10.15 on the sail boat called the “Aristocat 2”.

 The journey on the yacht was just lovely and were very fortunate to see dolphins swimming next to the yacht and also surfed with us.

The  company is called “Blue Lagoon Pearls”. What an interesting tour, personally I think everyone who comes down here to do this tour. They also have a shop in town. For further information go onto google and type in Blue Lagoon Pearl farm Denham WA. Au. 
These are black pearls beautiful colours even if they are white they are black pearls because of the oyster they grown in. This company is world renowned.

Next stop was to Shell Beach, it is made up of cockle shells and no sand and the water that surrounds this bay is twice as salty as the ocean. This is another interesting bay well worth a visit. Below is some info on this bay. Dennis waded in the water and he could feel the sting from the strength of the salts on his open wound which he obtained while going out to the pearl farm on the yachts net lookout when he decided to try and get some photos.


 It was an absolutely lovely day spent out there with nature and all its wonders.

Day 40 August 27th .

Today we decided to travel to the Hamilton pools where the Stromatolites are, this being over 100k’s from camp. On our way out the town we decided to first visit the Francois Peron National Park where the Peron homestead is, the park is on the way to Monkey Mia.

We first had to register before entering with an honesty box and a fund required too which was deposited into an envelope. We arrived at the homestead to a warm welcome by one of the volunteers there and started our tour walking around the sheep sheds and eventually ending up at the “Hot Tub” This was an experience getting into this tub the temperature of the water is 40°C and this water has been flowing for over 80 years. 

We first put our feet in and sat awhile then our bottoms and then emerged into the hot water whichis also salty. It was truly a lovely experience but sitting in there for a long period of time would be just too much. Never the less we did sit a wee while then got out to a cold shower which was a rude awakening.

We left there and did a detour stopping off at the Little Lagoon and had a cuppa here and enjoyed the ocean.  From here we went to the Hamilton Pools.  It was a pleasant drive with passing of caravaners travelling to another destination and the odd visitors stopping to look at wild flowers. 
We arrived at the site and it was quite hot but not too bad. It was an easy walk to the boardwalk
going into the ocean for visitors to have a good look at the Stromatolites.  It’s an amazing sight to see and the wonders of nature performing its best. God our creator has truly thought of everything right down to this amazing sight for us.
We took heaps of photos and thank goodness that there are those who have studied and compiled up information that is placed on stands explaining the facts and figures of this amazing creature growing in the sea. We are very fortunate to have this information displayed in such a way for us to understand. It was getting very hot out there and it was time for us to leave so we decided to find a tree to be in the shade to have our lunch which I had prepared before leaving.

Time to leave and on our way back we stopped off at the Marine Park where we could see them feed the sharks and was able to see various fish that swim this coast lines.

I got quite a shock at seeing the venomous fish and water snakes that can actually kill you. We left there and back to camp and having to take our washing off the line and me to iron it. Then it was dinner time.

 Until next time..........................Don’t make assumptions.

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