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Perth via Darwin Part 11

Day 41 August 28th 

Our journey here is to Kalbarri about 375k’s. We packed up and left with the sun shining and quite warm so early in the morning. But one can feel the climate changing the further South we go towards Perth and one can feel the wintery sun and breeze especially in the evenings. 

We arrived at our destination and set up camp and then went to explore the wee town in and out of shops buying some more food stuff. We went to the Chainman's lookout which looks out over the Kalbarri bay and the Murchison River.

Coming down the hill we decided to go for a swim. This was absolutely divine being Dennis and my first swim in the sea this holiday, great fun and this is where Dennis decided to take his first underwater selfie. What a laugh and the photos turned out priceless!  We went back to camp and had lunch then off to a wee 4x4 track along the river where Dennis was in seventh heaven enjoying the loose sand and bumps and tight turns. We came back to camp and decided to go out for dinner a rather expensive night out but good. We came back to camp and loaded up some photos to FB. Then it was lights out.

Day 42 August 29th 

It’s the first day that Dennis and I actually slept in and boy was it good. We had breakfast, cleaned
up made lunches and flask of hot water for morning tea. Our tradition of having our good cuppa along our way with a good wholesome THM cookie. We went to the Kalbarrie National Park to see the gorges and the famous “Natures Window” Once again we had to stop and pay entrance fees of $6  for the Parks board and to keep this park up and running for visitors to enjoy. We drove on bitchamun for 12 K’s then sand road for 14K’s. We first went to the West Loop Look out and it was absolutely breath taking. Left there to see the Natures Window and this was a 500m walk down hill to the rocks and what a spectacular sight to see.

Very moving and the visitors all around clicking their cameras hoping for a good shot of this amazing beauty  We climbed over some rocks to have a good view of this natural window where we took heaps of photos. Now the walk back and the heat of the day was starting to get to me as we now have to walk back up this steep mountain. It was worth every muscle ache and fast pulse rate and when itcame to climbing those last steps up which was only 35 it was truly agony to every muscle ache it caused. We then decided after catching our breath a good cuppa tea would be the order of the day. We left there stopping along the side of the road to take photos of wild flowers which seem to be coming out in abundance, we drove to Z bend another look out but I decided it would be too much for me in the heat to walk 750m there and back so gave it a miss. We left the park and stopped off at Meanarra Hill lookout another spectacular sight across the Murchison River mouth and out to sea and the wee town and of cause the surrounding country side of the National Parks. We then stopped off by the beach and had our lunch then decided to go down the West coast to see the Natural Bridge and Castle Cove.

Wow the rock formation of the cliffs is absolutely astounding. One stands looking over the cliffs with the waves hitting the side of the rocks and the colour of the sea this turquoise blue shading itself to a deeper blue colour. Viewing out to the seas we saw a whale blowing and shooting out the water displaying is ability to splash and enjoy himself. By this stage I was getting rather tired and we decided to head back to camp and rest and also phone to see how Chareen was doing. It’s been an awesome day tired but feeling great and now it is time to pack up and tomorrow we leave this wee town to go further west towards Perth. 
Sunset at Kalbarri Beach. A end to a perfect day God has blessed us with.

Day 43 August 30th 

30th August. A journey of 366k’s to Cervantes where we will be spending the next two nights. On our trundle down to this part of the world we ventured in and out exploring different coastal towns and their ways of life. We have noticed a dramatic change in climate going town towards Perth
missing the beautiful sunshine and all that it has to offer one. One can feel the cold and extra blankets are taken out from under the bed and one’s jerseys are worn and track pants in the evening are worn. Rather a sad feeling as Dennis and I were so enjoying the heat of the outback and its wonderful evenings and sunsets. We drove through Geraldton took photos of the Port and the Yellow Submarine. Then through Dongara with its enormous crayfish on a boat at the entrance of the wee town. 

We also found a beautiful river outlet called the Erwin Estuary looking over the bay of with bird life in abundance. Passing through Leeman then onto Gregson and finally Jurien where we stopped for lunch at Dobbyn Park looking out at the Port and wee Islands in the distance.  It was not a long drive from here to our destination at Cervantes where we docked our caravan at the Pinnacles Caravan Park right on the beach front. A beautiful 
park for families and a beach to enjoy.  We set up camp and decided to take a drive around the town and ventured out to Lake Thetis to see the Stromatolites walking along a board walk to the water’s edge seeing them submerged in water,. We left here and went into the park on a 4x4 track which ended up on the beach which was quite enjoyable.
We had worked up a thirst and stopped off at the entrance of the caravan park at the Shell Shop for a cuppa. The weather here is changing and clouds are rolling in and maybe a drizzle of rain might be had this evening. Feeling both very tired we retired early.
Day 44 August 31st  

Its Janes birthday today and we wished her and had a wee chat too. Then phoned Chareen to see if she was doing better, was also glad to hear that the Dr had discharged her.  Life here in the caravan park was quite this morning we have been so used to everyone getting up with the crack of dawn because the beauty of the day begins with bright sunshine at 5.30, now it’s much later and the chill factor of the morning is quite cold and was thinking maybe we should return to the land of sunshine and good tans. We did the washing and had a good wholesome breakfast. Packed morning tea and off to see the Pinnacles which are 17k’s from the caravan park. We arrived at our destination with an entrance to the Nambung National Park paying a seniors fee of $6 how blessed are we.  We were told there is a drive through or we could walk a 1 ½ k walk around. We hopped for the drive. Leaving the entrance it was not long and we saw our first look of these magnificent rock pinnacles all over the dunes.

We just stood in awe at the beauty of what we saw, we drove around the desert hopping in and out of the car to take photos and to just stand quietly and take in this beauty.

Towards the end of this drive we stopped and looked at a Gullah sitting on one of the pinnacles and took photos and when we went to the information centre of the park discovered these magnificent parrots actually have their nests in them and the one that was sitting there was on guard looking after its nest.We ended our visit with a good cuppa tea in the car park.

Leaving this park we ventured into another area not far from here called the Kangaroo lookout where Dennis found a 4x4 track onto the beach and of cause off we went and to his delight it rocked the car from side to side, videos were taken of this stretch of beach laden with sea weed and it’s grass. Eventually leaving this area and back to home base where we relaxed and did some chores around the caravan and of cause catch up with the letter writing. 

A beautiful ray of sunshine, a new day, a day that the Lord hath made so be happy and rejoice in it!

 Day 45 September 1st  

On the road by 7:30 AM the weather was most pleasant but one can feel the chill factor creeping in and thought we were very brave wearing summer gear. The road was quite busy and one could see
the country side changing the closer one got to Perth the busyness of the people and the bill boards popping up all over the place and everything becoming very commercial. It was a sad feeling though as Dennis and I love the feeling of the outback and the rustic look of places and quaint towns. However life stands still for no one and our holiday days are coming to a close but still have lots to see before then as we trundle back towards Melbourne.

The beauty of the wilds flowers changed from bend to bend and the dominant colour was a ray of sunshine yellow spreading over the country side like a blanket and every now and then a white or pink flower would pop up, and then the next bend would be these huge white sand dunes like rolling hills along the side and not even on the beach but the other side of the road travelling inland looking like white mountains from a distant.  Bird life flying around and managed to see a White Breasted Black Cockatoo, a magnificent bird.  We were getting so wrapped up with this beauty then all of a sudden city lights and noise enveloped us and we knew we were in a another world, a world of hurry up and can’t find the time to breath or say ‘Hi’. City life sure is another world from the outback. 

We decided to drive through Burns beach and see Robert and Janice’s home, a prestige suburb with new mums meeting at café’s and prams and bubs in parks a real yuppie life. We had a cuppa at the beach then headed off to our camp site.

We arrived and set up camp then went to a mall to stock up on groceries. We also went to the South African shop and got some spoil me’s such as Matzo, biltong and some lollies. Yip we’re in the city, what a busy life! Back at the camp and put on the roasts made two for the road managing to get 6 meals out of them. We had dinner and sat chatting to Pearl on Skype then lights out.
Day 46 September 2nd 

Today is sort of a rest day, we did some housekeeping around the caravan then off to The Caravan Shed to purchase shade cloth for our awning Dennis dropped me off at the mall and he went to say hi to one of his work mates. We had lunch at the mall then came back and rested for the afternoon. Oh yes, Dennis gave dingo (the car) a bath and now it’s looking good for the next leg of our journey
Day 47 September 3rd

Today we leave for Margaret River, I must admit glad to be leaving the big smoke of Perth and the business of the city life is just too much for me and Dennis agrees as well. All packed up and left at 7.30 in peak hour traffic, was quite daunting but survived the ordeal and out onto the open road
where we could feel free and smell good clean country air and watch the beautiful country go by.

Our first stop was to see the longest wood pile jetty in the Southern Hemisphere and what an experience it was. We first went up the light house to look at the beauty of the surrounding of the ocean and beach front. Sadly apparently the council want to
break it down and put some modern building there. We bought our tickets here for the train ride onto the jetty which is 1.8k long and at the end of it is an underwater observatory so we also booked a tour to see the fish under the sea there. The train leaves on the hour and while we are on tour it goes back to land to fetch the next lot of people and when it returns and we are finished and can get a hitch back to shore. It was an enjoyable experience and one can only appreciate the distance when you are out to sea on the jetty and truly see the distance from the shore. Before we went on the tour we had lunch which I had prepared that morning.

Back in the car and our next part of the journey is to “The Big Valley Camp Grounds” which is on a working farm, It was absolutely beautiful place and rustic but very clean. I would recommend this stay to anyone.
The smell of campfires in the evening and the sounds of farm animals were just magic. The sunsets and rises were beautiful as well as the darkness of the night being out in the open. A good night’s rest was the order of a day’s journey.
Day 48 September 4th  

Awoke to a wonderful morning of good clean farm fresh air, with sheep pasturing by our caravan enjoying their morning breakfast. It’s such a blessing to be here today but the best was our morning
shower. Oh to see these ablution blocks on the farm stay, they were good but rather non private, but a good laugh too as you see everyone running to them and the clanging of sheet metal doors and latches echoing across the open fields and then having to shower and knowing there is a stranger next door doing the same thing, then having to stand at a double sink with a man also cleaning his teeth, ummmmm!!! Good fun! The field kitchen is open to everyone and the best is the camp fire in the evening but we choose to sit by our caravan and enjoy the peaceful moment.

Anyway our day’s event was to do the Cape to Cape drive but then decided to start in the middle
and work our way to Cape Naturaliste but first Dennis had to fill up with Diesel. Oh this was a card. Arriving at the petrol pump which I might add was from days gone by and I’m pretty sure today’s generation would stand and look at the pump and wonder what on earth is going on here. Anyway, because Dennis is from that generation, shush don’t tell him I’m telling you that, he knew what to do and got the pump working and went into pay to discover this wonderful shop is also days gone by and made one feel as though you have stepped back in time to the early 1900. We left there and made our way along the coast towards the light house driving in and out of various wee coastal towns. Our first stop was to Prevelly then to Cowaramup Bay and on our way there found “Juniper Road” which ticked Dennis no end. What I found amazing was the fields and the arum lilies they are everywhere and in full bloom. The locals consider them a weed and do not like them!

 We discovered along the way that Dennis had left the petrol cape off and the door that closes the petrol, had a good laugh about it and wrote it down one for the records, We stopped for tea at 11.15 AM then drove on to Dunsborough, bought some rye sour dough rolls for lunch then ended up at the Cape Naturaliste light house where we had lunch. We paid $4 to do a base walk around the light house, very interesting history. Then from here we travelled via Eagle bay then onto Cowaramup town and walked around here enjoying the display of all the fibreglass decorative life size cows displayed around the town. 
Then onto the cheese shop and bought some yummy cheese made by the farmers here in Cowaramup.

As we left this wee town Dennis spotted his name sake in the wine industry so we veered off down the direction towards the Juniper wineries. Much to Dennis’s delight we went in for some wine tasting and bought a bottle with the Juniper name on the label. Feeling excited about the bottle of gold we left for camp base had a bite to eat and retired feeling quite exhausted from the days outing.

Day 49 September 5th 

It’s time to say good-bye to the sheep and the clanging toilets doors and the sounds of the parrots and when we left the farm Dennis had to dodge the sheep poo but not long after that we ended up dodging cow dung – we came to a halt but this time not stuck in traffic but cow traffic and not hooters blowing but cows mooing.

We drove down to Redgate Beach to Isaacs Rock then from there through the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park to get to Augusta ending up at Leeuwin Lighthouse the tallest working lighthouse in Australia. My goodness me was it cold here, the chilly winds blowing off the sea but oh so worth the pain of frozen nose and ears, We paid
senior rates to get to walk the base of the light house and was given an audio tape while walking around to listen to the history of the place. The path leading up to the lighthouse with this spectacular view of where the two oceans meat the Indian and Southern ocean. We met Molly on the way with her telescope but not sure where she was supposed to be looking out to but had fun taking photos of this
magnificent creature. We stopped for a cuppa along the way at the Cattle Trail Memorial then passed through two National Parks the Beedelup and Mt Franklin we also stopped off at Pemberton and bought some cream and mayonnaise . We finally arrived at Peaceful Bay Caravan Park set up camp without unhitching and then took a stroll down to the beach and got our tootsies wet for a while.


Until next time.........................................Forget the insults


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