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Perth via Darwin Part 12

Day 50 September 6th  
Bremer Bay. Leaving Peaceful Bay just after 7 AM with a temp of 17°C but yet it did not feel that cold. We had been awake since 4 AM and then by 5 we decided to get up and shower and sort things out and as we stepped outside our caravan we were greeted by the duck family and very friendly too. We did not unhitch the caravan which is a bonus when staying one night at a place so it
was an easy pack up. We drove through various National Parks the veered off to take an ocean road scenic drive on our way, Albany Port, Harding Beach, Black Head looing out to some Island and Frenchman’s Bay. Had tea at Discovery lookout then drove through Albany, a busy town and also a port with beautiful bays. The weather changed quite dramatically, with high winds and rain on our way to Bremer Bay causing the petrol consumption to increase but sadly did not clean the caravan as we hoped it would.

We arrived at Bremer Bay to a beautiful well groomed Caravan Park but still the weather has not
improved so I guess it’s time to put up the feet and relax for the rest of the afternoon and catch up with the laundry. This was a big mistake doing the laundry as the rains came and ended up having to put everything in the tumble dryer. During this time Dennis got itchy feet and wanted to explore the bay so off we trundled and the clouds sort of gave wave every now and then to a wee bit of sunshine allowing us to walk and explore on one of the viewpoints when two men said there are whales out there in the bay and was told we could take our car onto the beach to look. That gave Dennis a huge smile on his dial and off we went onto the  beach to find the whales.

For a while we could not see them and was filming our trek on the beach when we decided to stop and there they were in all their glory popping up and down and turning for us to see their tail then their flippers and just basking in the waters having a lovely time and showing off their beauty. We sat there for a wee while enjoying the show feeling quite elated having seen a whale in its natural habitat. Back at the camp and settled down for the evening.


Day 51 September 7th  
We left Bremer Bay pretty early driving to Wave Rock today and looking forward to enjoying this part of the journey. We stopped at Lake Grace for a cuppa and back on our journey we passed many
salt lakes and most of them were pink in colour. The terrain was mostly farm lands with canola field and the flowers in full bloom giving a ray of sunshine yellow across the fields looking like a carpet on the ground. However we drove into high winds and the beginning of rain putting a damper on our arrival at the park but we made the most of it and set up camp and decided to go to the information centre were we had lunch and being father’s day a day of celebrating dad’s across Australia.

When we finished our lunch we browsed around
the shop which had a display of wild flowers beautifully arranged upon their ceiling, some arrangements were in the form of butterflies and others were hanging in bunches. We then paid our entrance fees to the following places to visit and that was the Lace shop. This shop has the largest collection in Australia which is handmade and machine made. There were all sorts of designs especiallycollars Christening gowns and various other laces. There were bobbins on display and also a “Try me” the intricate and delicate cottons and patterns and the patience to make lace is astounding. 

There were also wedding dresses from various eras’ and a special lace which was from Queen Victoria. This display is worth the visit. Just around the corner into the other rooms was the Toy soldier collection. They also had a wild life sanctuary with exquisite birds and other Australia wild life. Unfortunately the rains came and we were unable to finish our walk around that area. Back at the camp and the winds became a howling gust and the rains came down. So we spent most of the rest of the day in the caravan.


Day 52 September 8th  
Wave Rock. My goodness me what a night, the wind was gusty and noisy with heavy rains on and off and I’m pretty sure it kept most of the camp awake but we all survived to tell the story the next day with our teeth chattering with the cold but that did not stop us from venturing to the rock to sightsee and climb the infamous rock.
After having our breakfast we left for our walk all rugged up with beanies on the head to keep warm. We walked across the park to the entrance of the rock and therein its beauty was the magnificent wave like rock, we just stood there absorbing its beauty. Then the cameras started clicking away getting all sorts of angles to get the colours which blended into each other causing it to look like a true wave about to  crash down
onto the shore. After spending a wee bit of time walking around we ventured to the rock climb with chains up to the steps which looked over the water dam that supplies Hyden with its drinking water. We carried onto to the top and admiring and taking in the sights around us. There were salt lakes and bushes and more rocks. This rock has a beauty all on its own, walking the whole length of this rock stepping over pools of water which had collected from the previous night’s rain.
We followed the track makers and clicking 
away at the camera trying to capture the surrounding beauty of Hyden. The winds were very strong on the top and at one stage took Dennis’s cap and of cause he went after the cap on this steep side of the rock and me standing down below watching this exercise but he did retrieve it much to his delight. At the bottom we found another sign to the Breaker Wave which we walked to see and that too was spectacular. We also came across a Sandalwood tree in bud. The surrounding flora was coming into flower and there are signs warning not to pick wild flowers, a $1000 fine if caught. We walked back to camp to fetch the car to go to the clear water salt lake at the Wave Rock resort one can swim here then off to see the Hippo’s yawn and true to its name it looked like a hippo with its mouth wide open.
We left there and decided to find the Hump and Mulka’s cave which is 18k’s from the rock. The wild flowers were also coming into bloom there. We walked around the cave which has an interesting Aboriginal story to it. We left there and went to the shops to stock up on fresh produce came back to the camp and cooked a roast chicken but the weather was quite nasty with very cold winds blowing and raining on and off.
We decided to go to the Kiosk to look at the museum taking one back in time to what we use to use in shops and homes dating back to the late 1800’s and bringing back many memories of our own childhood with our grand parents and parents what they used in their homes. Later that evening the weather truly became nasty and the heater was put on in the caravan to keep warm but with the day’s outing and fresh air made us quite tired and we retired.

Day 53 September 9th 
Esperance. We left pretty early today 7:10 AM with the temp 6°C and feeling the cold. The sun was shining and not a cloud to be seen. The road was pretty quiet for a wee while and later on into the
morning a car would appear. We came to King Lake which is about 7k’m across a salt lake and some parts are dry but the view of this lake with the morning sun shining across it gave it an awesome glow glimmering across the waters and while on the cause way we encountered an eagle taking off realizing he was about to hit the car veered off to the right with its wings spread out to its full capacity looking so graceful which brought scripture to mind from Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings and eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.
Taking many photos of this area we left for our next leg of the journey to Esperance. We arrived at the coastal town and found our next place to bear our heads down for the evening.

We set up camp and then went for a sight see around the town finding cute photos to take of the foreshore.
We then took a coastal drive popping in and out of viewpoints taking photos of this beautiful coast line with islands and history written at each stop and the rock formation along the shore and various bays with waves hitting the beaches on some and others as smooth as glass due to the bay shape protecting the beaches. We came back to camp and settled for the night.


Day 54 September 10th
Fraser Station. We decided this morning to have a breakfast at Mac Donald’s and I might just add it was delicious. Dennis discovered there was something wrong with our deep cycle battery so we had to first go and purchase a new one and thank goodness we were in a town that had all this sort of things and not just in the outback.
We drove to Norseman where we had morning tea this is the beginning of the Nullarbor stretch. Took photos of the famous horse that was famous for finding gold with the pawing of his hoof hence the name of this town.

 The drive to the station was most pleasant and arrived there to a true outback experience. It was
lovely here, setting up camp and enjoying the fellowship with other campers and later on that evening we decided to go for a walk along the sand road leading to who knows where. As Dennis says you never know what is just around the corner and so we walked but Dennis wanting to cut across the bush to the other side and me saying we need to see what is around that bend and of cause I won that battle and we walked to that bend to find a golf green. The famous longest golf course in the world which is from Ceduna to Kalgoorlie and this was a par 3. What delight it was finding this.

The sun was starting to go down and the darkens was starting to invade us so we decided to trundle back to the camp and on our way back the sweet wee kangaroos were coming out of their hiding to a feast in their backyards hopping all over the place and enjoying themselves. Time for dinner and then to catch up on our stories of the day but the eyelids were far too heavy to concentrate. So it was lights out and an early start for the next day’s journey.


Day 55 September 11th
Border Village. Our next part of the journey is to go down the Nullarbor. We were going to stop in 
about 200k’s but decided to track straight through to border village which is the caravan park just on the other side of WA. We stopped for lunch at Madura and discovered another green and Dennis took photos. 
It was a long stretch travelling just on 600+ k’s so we decided to eat out at their restaurant which was a huge blessing for me. It was early bed tonight.

Day 56 September 12th
Up early again and leaving for Ceduna which is 478 k’s another long stretch. The road was misty and the sun shining brightly across the plains of the Nullarbor. We travelled alongside the sea for a wee while before venturing in land with the terrain changing a lot as well as a lot of road kills which I always find so sad but that is life. The wild flowers too were all coming into bloom varying in colours and of cause through this stretch all we wanted to see was a camel but no such luck.
Finally we went through the quarantine border of South Australia and 10k’s in to our caravan park where we will be putting our feet up for the next three nights and hopefully enjoying some sun and good weather.  The caravan park is on the foreshore with our door once again facing the sea front. After setting up camp we went into the town to purchase fresh produce as we could not bring any across the border.
Back to camp and by this time it was sundowners and dinner. How can I forget the most important highlight of this day was driving along the Nullarbor and there in its glory was a Petrol station and a bill board written across it DINGGO’S DEN. This is Dennis’ name for his 4x4 travels and his blog. We actually drove past it and had to turn back to get a shot of the board. It was so exciting to see that!
This is the station and below well, I don’t need to explain it.


Until next time..............................Think Positive

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