Friday, 8 August 2014

Perth via Darwin Part 5

4th August Day 17

Monday morning and it feels odd not going out and doing the normal things which I did around the house. We cleaned up and did some washing and then left to go and distribute catalogs for Dens work only to find out it is a public holiday. Now this holiday got both of in laughter it’s called “Picnic day” What next! We then went to the shopping center to purchase a \electric frying pan, ours gave up the ghost. We trundle around the center and to Telstra to find out about the internet and our usage and how to top up.

We went back to the camp and later on decided to take a dry around and ended up at Fannie Bay.
Being a public holiday one would imagine that everyone would be at the beach but no not a soul to be found. There are warning signs everywhere “danger crocodiles no swimming”

From here exploring some more and ended up at the WWII Museum. What an interesting place with loads of wonderful history of this place during the war and how they got bombed and what happened to the Japs as well as what happened to various places around the NT during the war. It’s a very sad place and yet a place of remembrance of those brave men who fought for our freedom. We left there around 5 PM and drove back to the camp in silence just remembering and giving thanks to those brave men.

5th August Day 18

  We got up early, packed up and left Darwin to go 90k’s down the track to Adelaide River, booking in at Adelaide River Motor Inn. Now this is like landing in the middle of an oasis, what a beautiful place full of palm trees well-manicured grass with swimming pool. Adelaide River is a place of remembrance of our war heroes a place full of war history.

This is where our soldiers were buried and that is just awesome to see and also beautifully kept. I got quite emotional walking around looking at the headstones and how young the men were. We drove around the town just exploring what it looks like the wee town consists of this magnificent caravan/motel/hotel with garage and a wee grocery store, sells everything a person would need here in the outback and the shop is the size of lounge room. We enjoyed our day and it was early night.

6th August Day 19

Today we decided to go to Litchfield National Park leaving camp at 8.30. Our first stop was at the Magnet Termite Mounds.

Here we learnt how these creatures live in their mounds and what happens during very hot days. Very clever creatures they are! Before leaving this place the ladies was needed and of cause the wonderful long drop and there a queue of ladies waiting and next minute a woman came out with paper stuck in her nostrils and I thought her nose was bleeding and ready administer first aid and mean time it was put into nostrils so she did not have to smell the toilets. I thought that was a bit over the top until I ventured in and I’m sure if one lit a cigarette it would explode. That was an experience I can well do without. It was a good laugh too! 

Our next stop was the Buley water hole where Dennis had a swim and refreshed himself a very pretty area indeed. After this it was lunch time which I had packed.

 We then trundled off to see the Florence Falls and one could also swim here. Time for home base, feeling tired and hot. It was a dash for the swimming pool to cool off a sudden wake up stepping into the water, whew, was it cold!!!

7th August Day 20.

Still at Adelaide River inn and enjoying the life here where everything is just great. We got up early as we wanted to go site seeing in the Daly Douglas Region. Our first stop was to visit the Robin Falls and you won’t believe it I had to once again climb rocks and boulders. We drove on quite a rough sandy road passing campers parked alongside the stream. We drove till we could go no further  parking the car and off to see the water falls. Passing some campers and greeting them and one of the gentlemen said to us when we asked how far is it his reply was “It’s a Darwin 50 meters. Off we went and it was smooth sailing walking along the water way which was from the falls and then in front of us was the start of rocks and boulders. I thought, well if it is only 50 meters I can do it. You think I would learn by now but I was determining to get to these falls as everyone is talking about how beautiful they are. Eventually Dennis went ahead and came back and said it’s not far. And it was not “I made it to the waterfalls” What a spectacular site of water cascading down 3 rock formations. Right at the top was a pool where people could swim and let me tell you, you first need to climb a rock face to get there. Dennis managed it and took some lovely photos of it. Now it’s to venture back. It was not too bad but glad to be back at the car. 

Our next stop was the Douglas Hot springs, driving quite a distance to this place a well worth place to visit. We parked our car under a tree got our costumes on, off down the steps to flowing water, Once again warning signs but this time to be careful of the temperature of the water when stepping in. Upstream where it bubbles out the ground the temp is 66c. There is 2 streams flowing which joins in places. There is cold water coming down stream meeting up with the hot springs. It’s such a pretty area and people all over just enjoying the life in the outback. This story does not end here… on arriving at the springs Dennis and I were paddling in the water to find the right spot but needed to put the bag I was carrying down as it had the towels and camera’s in. So Dennis said he would hang it up on a branch and off he went trying to climb the sandy bank and decided that his boats did not have the right grip on the wet sand bank and went flying in the most  gentlemanly way of landing with the bag camera’s my clothes and his in the water. I was sitting in the pool watching the show and what a laugh! It was a wonderful experience sitting there but was also told that someone had spotted a fresh water crocodile. It did not perturb anybody there so we sat too. The sun beating down was hot and giving us both a tan we needed.

 Back at the car we had lunch and then drove back to caravan park feeling very tired. We had an early dinner and sat and Skype Chareen and Robert. Then to bed and slept through which was good.

8th August Day 21

 Up early and back to Katherine for the night. We left at 9 AM and arrived at Katherine at 11.34. Unhitched the caravan and went into the town to buy groceries. Dennis also bought a new camera but don’t tell anyone its waterproof! Came back to camp and put a roast on and now just enjoying the peaceful atmosphere listening to the sound of the doves and the aroma of our roast cooking for dinner. I think it’s going to be bed early tonight. 

Until next time......................whatever..happens..happens

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