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Perth via Darwin Part 7

Day 29 August Day 16th

D day an early start, up at 5.30 to shower and get ready for our big day today. We will be going to the Horizontal Water falls in Talbot Bay. It’s been the highlight of our trip and the excitement is mounting in the caravan to experience a trip of a life time.

We had to meet the bus at 08.15 which took us to the airport to board the Seaplane, Pilot Chad and excellent pilot and very friendly, He first explained the emergency bit just “In Case” enough to make one run the other way but we didn’t and listened very tentatively to the life jackets and belting into the aircraft. 

We first had to place all our belongings into the floats as no luggage allowed on board just our body weight and the camera, thank goodness we were allowed the camera J We took off for a 30 minute flight landing at the jetty floats in Talbot Bay near the Horizontal Water falls. It was an absolutely lovely flight in and the landing was spot on. We disembarked and were treated to a morning cuppa tea and biscuit or fruit if wanted. 

Our first outing was to experience the Horizontal Falls. My oh my what an experience! We boarded the jet Stream (the fastest boat in the Kimberley) and experienced an exhilarating thrill ride through the waterfalls. One cannot explain the emotions one feels at a time like this. The waters was pristine blue with rapids of the incoming tides with the most amazing whirl pools all round as the tides met with each other. 

After experiencing this we went back to the home floats and watched them feed the sharks. These sharks were so cute they just knew the person feeding them and they all knew they were performing for us. There was one whose name Gordon and by the way each one of them had a name. Anyhow this cutie likes to swim on his back and just waits for food and it’s amazing to see how they catch their food and the sound they make doing it. It was most enjoyable to watch. 

When this was finished we then boarded the jet boats again for an excursion of the creeks and bays. One very interesting fact there was the Cyclone creek and this creek is known for protection against the cyclones and extreme weather. The boats go there to hide out until the bad weather is over. They also take their boats and float platforms and accommodation there during the wet season which is about 5 months of the year. Once again we experienced seeing the famous crocodiles baking in the sun of the banks. The Rocky terrain where the water laps change from area to area and as the tide comes and goes it has left a dark ridge around the rock base. It’s quite a significant rise in the tidal times. 
We returned back to the float and indulged in a delightful lunch of Barramundi which was cooked to perfection dished up with salads. We all sat around the table chatting and enjoying each other’s company when it was time for another stint on the jet boat through the waterfalls. We went through the large one but were unable to go through the narrow one due to the tide going out and were too dangerous to attempt with the boats but that was OK as we did experience it in the morning. We returned to the jetty and it was time to board the Sea plane back to reality landing at about 3pm. 
It’s been an experience of a life time and if you ever get the opportunity to do this seaplane adventure do it, don’t hesitate it is well worth it. The staff were absolutely a delight and very informative. We back at the camp now and just sitting thinking about how wonderfully and out ragiously blessed we are living in a country with such beauty.
Boat Parth
Flight Parth
Day 30 August 17th

We left Derby about 8.30 looking for a place to put diesel in only to find this town is still asleep. Thank Goodness going out of the town there was a station open. All ready for the 220 k’s. Leaving Derby only to find heavy
Oversize trucks in front and we travelled like this for about an hour until finally the tail end Charlie gave us permission to overtake the two. They took up most of the road, then when the road widened we were able to overtake with safety. We travelled with listening to music and me knitting and then every now and then the road got extremely bad with the corrugation of the tar it shook our bones and our teeth well if it goes on like this we might just need false ones!
We arrived in Broome round about10h30. A very pretty entrance to the town and thank goodness for the nav man it took us to our destination. We were given a terrific site but at a cost because we wanted to stay another night so we took it looking over the bay. We set up camp then left to sight the town and first stop was a morning market. Browsed around there and then left to go and find a place to have lunch and ended up at a wee shop for a hamburger and it was divine.

Leaving there we went to Coles to get a few things then drove around looking at the place. Back to camp and Dennis wiped down the caravan. Time for dinner and sat happily staring out to sea and enjoying every moment of salt air and various birds flying over and each one helping themselves to the delicacies of the fresh water fish in the ocean. Later on when the sun set was almost over the flying foxes took flight over the bay not sure where they were heading for but it was a spectacular sight. We ate dinner and dishes done now for time to catch up on the letter writing. Blessings and love to those who are reading this update.

View from our Caravan

Until next time .....................Give them a hug

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