Friday, 29 August 2014

Perth via Darwin Part 8

Day 31 August.18th 

 Its Johan’s birthday today and I do believe he took the day off. We phoned him and wished him blessings. Today we needed to stock up on fresh produce and Dennis needed his meds. We did this and went back to the caravan and packed the stuff away then we went sightseeing.

First stop was Cable Beach. This beach’s sands were white that it’s almost blinding to the eye with the sea in its turquoise colour and by the way it’s the first time we actually saw waves. All along the coast the waters have been smooth as glass. Anyway Dennis spots the 4x4 sign to go on the beach so he went and fetched the car and I waited at the bottom of the entrance taking photos of him in his delight driving down towards the beach.

 I hopped into the car and off we drove watching the fisherman along the shores hoping for a catch.
We drove quite a distance when suddenly I spot a bare bottie and I said to Dennis that that guy is naked, well what a belly laugh that came out of Dennis as he looked at me with my shocked facial expressions. Anyway we stopped and had a cuppa on the beach and paddled in the water which was quite warm but at the same time refreshing to the body from the heat of the day. We drove back and by this time there were more cars parked on the beach and then to my horror I noticed more naked bodies, I was absolutely horrified but the most funny thing is when you drive past they try to cover up with their hands as if that is going to make a difference when all other parts are exposed to the elements and others just don’t care.

Oh dear what an education just when I thought I was safe I get exposed to nudity. By this time it was as Dennis says “Hungry time”. We ended up at Macco’s for a chicken wrap which was most delish. From here we drove down to see the dinosaur footprint but unfortunately the tide was not low so we could not see the actual footprint but was able to see a cast of one which was good and also the rock formation was astounding and was able to see the sea washing up against the rocks.

From there we drove around on sand roads going on and off looking at different look outs and ended up at the Broome port and walked around there. 

We drove back to camp to remove the washing off the line and Dennis washed his car while I did the ironing and yes house work in never done even on holiday things have to be kept clean and the normal duties of washing and ironing. It was an early night too.

Day 32 August 19th . 

Sun Rise

We left at 8 AM with the temp of the morning of 9.2 rather a chill in the air. We decided to have breakfast at Maco’s and the statistics are so far of our journey a month in are 8769k’s and 1,305 litres of Diesel with the cost of $2023. We listened to Romans on the cd and finished the book “The Four Blood Moons” 

We drove straight to 80 Mile Beach and had to turn off onto a gravel road of bright red sand. It always amazes me that there is red sand just before a white beach and the Caravan Park we were at is on the beach front with red sand and yet the doons are white. This beach is known for its shells so off we went to see the beach and you won’t believe it that Dennis spots 4x4ing again on the beach. So we went back to the camp had lunch and then back to the beach but this time I went onto the beach to pick up some shells while Dennis drove about 10k’s down the beach. 

On his way back he collected me and went back to the caravan. This beach also has wonderful white sand but this time everyone had their clothes on and there were fishermen as far as ones eye could see, a fisherman’s paradise.

It’s a lovely caravan park and we enjoyed out stay. Once again we were in bed early the good clean air of the sea has made us drowsy.

Day 33 August. 20th 

Once again up early and on our way to Marble Bar driving 347k’s to THE HOTTEST TOWN IN AUSTRALIA. We left at 7.35 with the temp being 9.8. Packed quite quickly, we stopped about 100 k’s out to have a cuppa and ended up chatting to another caravanned from Kilagram in Victoria, Lovely people that have been on the road since March. We left the rest area feeling quite refreshed.
We arrived in Marble Bar after midday set up camp and had a lunch which I had prepared that morning. First stop was to put diesel in the car and then across the road from the petrol station was a war memorial. We then went sightseeing all the attractions of this wee town. Our first stop was Jasper deposit and this is where one can pick some of the stone. There is a $10,000 fine if caught chipping or trying to take some of the marble stone form Marble pools. We then drove from there to Comet Mine which is now a tourist attraction with a display of mainly local rock specimens and jewellery made from the stones that are found here in this region. The history of the mine is fascinating too. We left here and drove to the flying fox where it is strung across the gorge there.

We then went to Marble Bar pool where the rock formation is just breathe taking which is surrounded with rock pools for one to swim. We took heaps of photos fascinated by the formation of the rocks. Just a wee way up stream is Chinatown pool which is a recreation place with grass and a picnic area for those who wish to enjoy the waters.

On our way back from there we stopped off at the water reservoir which is up on the hill looking over the wee town. Then to the famous Hotel for a cool drink and Den to savour a cool bear.

We came back to camp and now sitting back resting and enjoying the bird life and of cause mozzies which seem to appear so I guess it is time to retire to the caravan. A most enjoyable day today.

Until next who you are

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